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Steve Alexander follows consumer and business technology trends, and writes a weekly question and answer column for consumers.

Fixing an iPad that doesn't know your location

  Q: My iPad’s location software says I’m in Springfield, Ill., instead of Minnesota (a 400-mile mistake.) I’ve altered privacy and app settings, but nothing…

Alexander: Sorting through the mountain of data created by PC backups

You can automatically restore all your backed-up files at once, provided that you use the same software that created the backups.

Alexander: A firewall that's 'in the cloud' won't help if you travel

Q: Your column about Comcast's new Xfinity cloud-based firewall (see made me wonder what protection my Windows 10 PC would have if…

Alexander: What's wrong when friends can't play your shared videos

Q: I take videos in the MP4 format on my Android phone, and they play back just fine. But when I send a 20- to…

Choosing home network security software

Q: Comcast has been providing its Xfinity internet customers with the Norton Security Online program for free. But it will drop Norton at the end…

Alexander: Finding the source of Wi-Fi electronic interference

Q: I use a three-year-old Chromebook on a secure home Wi-Fi network. Recently, the Chromebook has been getting disconnected from the internet every day about…

Alexander: Making Google Calendar sync with Android tablet, phone

Here's what you need to check because the Android settings can interfere.

Alexander: What to do if your copy of Windows 10 is obsolete

Microsoft introduces a new version of Windows 10 for consumers every six months, so there are always several flavors.

Alexander: What to do if phone-to-car software link disconnects

When you connect your 2016 phone to your 2020 car via the "Android Auto" software, the age difference may matter.

Alexander: Don't let a new router disrupt Wi-Fi network

The problem may be caused by incompatible settings on the new Linksys router and the HP printer.