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Ross Levin is founding principal and president of Accredited Investors Inc., Edina, a fee-only wealth management firm. His Gains and Losses column runs on the fourth Sunday of the month. A compilation of these columns can be found in his book, "Spend Your Life Wisely." Send emails to

Levin: Don't become 'anchored' in your financial expectations

There's a risk to become tied to an idea or price that doesn't really matter.

Levin: Incentives are powerful, but they can also pose hazards

Incentives usually drive big monetary decisions, but they can be misleading too.

Levin: Some people go to the State Fair and see their financial life in front of them

What you can learn from a stroll around the fairgrounds with ideas of money in your head.

Levin: When talking about money, many people could use a do-over

Sometimes people blurt out uncomfortable feelings about a financial situation. Here's to second chances.

Levin: What your financial planner should be asking you

The key question to be answered is: Does the planner understand you and your family?

Ross Levin: Four things you can do with your stocks in this bear market

Use losses for tax savings, rebalance what's moved off your plan and other ideas for a market that's a lemon.

Levin: Even with prices and rates rising, the equation for buying a home stays the same

Mapping out your time horizon and asset direction will help you decide whether it's better to rent or buy.

Levin: What a Buddhist concept can teach you about your finances

The notion of 'near enemies' can illuminate financial attributes or traits that seem appealing at first but turn out to be problems.

Levin: Action feels right at a moment of economic uncertainty, but it may not be

You can't have a victory if you are playing the wrong game.

Levin: What Tickle Me Elmo can teach you about economic bubbles

The concept of bubbles is an important one for investors, especially those who are trying to make big decisions about real estate and cryptocurrency.