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Derek Chauvin cuffed after murder, manslaughter convictions in death of George Floyd

A masked Derek Chauvin showed no visible emotion as Judge Peter Cahill read the verdict on each count. Cahill said sentencing would be in roughly eight weeks.

Jury in Chauvin trial enters second day of deliberations

Once the jury left the courtroom for the day, an attorney for Derek Chauvin called for a mistrial, citing immense media exposure, particularly a comment by Rep. Maxine Waters. Judge Peter Cahill denied the motion.

What are the charges against Derek Chauvin?

Here's a look at the charges against Chauvin and what prosecutors must prove in order to convict.

Final arguments in Derek Chauvin trial focus on fateful day

The prosecution, which goes first and gets a brief rebuttal by special prosecutor Jerry Blackwell after the defense, carries the bigger burden and has much more ground to cover.

Chauvin defense rests its case without his testimony

Former officer Derek Chauvin invoked his constitutional right against self-incrimination.

Defense expert: Cardiac arrest and drugs caused Floyd's death

Dr. David Fowler said Floyd's manner of death was "undetermined," due to a combination of factors.

Defense expert calls Chauvin's actions justified and reasonable

Police trainer Barry Brodd said George Floyd was resisting arrest and struggled with officers.

Floyd's brother tears up on stand; Chauvin defense today

At the start of the third week of the Derek Chauvin murder trial, Philonise Floyd spoke of George's devotion to their mother, saying, "He loved her so dearly."

Chief medical examiner: Arrest 'just more than' Floyd could take

Dr. Andrew Baker stood by his initial findings after George Floyd's death in afternoon testimony at Derek Chauvin's trial, after three other medical experts.

Day 22 of Derek Chauvin trial: Medical examiner who did autopsy did not include a lack of oxygen

Dr. Andrew Baker's findings are at odds with a prosecution expert who said Floyd died from a lack of oxygen.