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Authorities say a shelter-in-place alert meant for one block in Robbinsdale for a domestic incident Monday evening was mistakenly sent to all of Hennepin County.

Robbinsdale officers responded about 6:30 to the 3600 block of W. Broadway on a report of a possible armed domestic situation, police said in a news release.

The officers found three people "likely involved," along with weapons, and the officers detained the three. It's still being determined what the charges may be and who may have been a victim in the incident, Robbinsdale Captain John Elder said.

A shelter-in-place notification was supposed to be sent by the Hennepin County Communications Division only to the residents of the incident block. Instead, it was sent to the entire county, Elder said in a release. The block residents were told to shelter in place until 10 p.m., and there was no need for residents beyond that block to shelter.

"Officers from several law enforcement agencies have the situation contained and more information will be sent out at a later time," Elder said.

The three people involved appeared to have very minor injuries, and the investigation is continuing, Elder added. Police did not say Monday what weapons were involved.