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Richard Meryhew is editor for the Star Tribune's regional team. He previously was editor of the east bureau in Woodbury and also covered state news, playing a key role in team coverage of many of the state's biggest stories. In 2006, he authored an award-winning series on Kirby Puckett's life.

Meryhew is a native of St. Paul and a 1977 graduate of the University of Minnesota, where he worked as a writer and editor for the Minnesota Daily. He later he worked as a staff writer at the Worthington Daily Globe before joining the Minneapolis Star in 1980.

June 16, 2012: New stadium head has deep political roots

Michele Kelm-Helgen grew up in a family that lived, breathed politics.

Cop-killing suspect got drug treatment, not longer sentence

As Brian Fitch Sr. faces first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of veteran officer Scott Patrick, some law enforcement officials are questioning whether a judge treated him too leniently.

Dec. 22, 2012: Hoffner gets 20-day unpaid suspension

Todd Hoffner's status as Minnesota State, Mankato's football coach remains unclear. The unpaid suspension might be over his use of university cellphone.

Church lawyer turned whistleblower named 'person of the year'

Jennifer Haselberger, 39, of St. Paul was honored in an editorial by the National Catholic Reporter for her courage in speaking out against Archbishop John Nienstedt.

It's lights out for Metrodome

Well-behaved Metrodome fans say goodbye to an era. Hometown heroes of all stripes helped build memories.

Prior Lake Marine receives Silver Star for rescuing wounded comrade

Cpl. Ethan Nagel was cited for rescuing a comrade from capture in Afghanistan by the Taliban while firing on the enemy and doing so while being wounded himself.

No. 6: New Vikings stadium: Big, bold and glassy

The stadium will have giant pivoting glass doors that open to the downtown Minneapolis skyline. Seven stadium decks will surround a field of artificial turf with two giant high-tech scoreboards at each end zone.

Fraud case, militia ties shock Maplewood vet's neighbors

Keith Michael Novak, an intelligence analyst with the Minnesota National Guard, awaits a Monday court hearing after being accused of stealing information so he could make fake IDs for militia members.

Dec. 8: Vikings, Wells Fargo resolve sign issue

The disagreement over 2 large signs had threatened the $400M project near the new stadium.

Abuse scandal to persist, even after naming priests

Minnesota's Catholic dioceses under pressure to make public the names of additional accused clerics.