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As a feature reporter, Richard Chin has flown on the Goodyear Blimp, driven the Wienermobile, sunk to the bottom of a lake in a one-man submarine, worn a giant urine specimen cup costume as a mascot for a health care company, rode a vintage Puch at the Sturgis of mopeds and was mistakenly arrested by police hunting for a serial killer. He also spent six weeks in Baghdad during the Iraq war and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

In St. Paul's boomer ballet class, you're never too old to plié

Ballet not only offers older adults a form of exercise, but it gives them a chance to create something of beauty.

2 kids, 2 adults hospitalized following carbon monoxide poisoning at Rochester hotel

Guests reported feeling lethargic after swimming in the pool, officials said.

Doll repair expert Carol Finwall, who healed hundreds of beloved childhood toys, dies at 86

"She was an artist. Dolls were her palette," her son said.

Minnesotans are top-ranked in a sport you may have never heard of

Puzzling, it seems, thrives in places where people spend a lot of time indoors.

What's the modern version of a needle in a haystack? Try a lost ring in a corn pit

Minnesotans are discovering that jewelry and corn pits don't mix.

This acting class has gone to the dogs

Minneapolis class teaches pooches how to pose for the camera.

What's it like to be an elite runner at the Twin Cities Marathon? A pro competitor answers our 26 questions.

We talked with professional runner Brittany Charboneau.

Can you wance? Dancing while walking has become a regular sight in St. Paul

On a recent evening, diners at patio tables on St. Paul's Grand Avenue paused between bites to watch a passing spectacle: About 15 people boogied,…

What to name your baby or your dog? Apple Valley consultant can help

Steph Coffield charges $50 to $600 for a customized list of names of anything needing naming.

Minnesota's weapon-wielding armored combat fighters are not your average geeks

These Minnesotans dress like knights and do battle with (dulled) swords and axes.