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As a feature reporter, Richard Chin has flown on the Goodyear Blimp, driven the Wienermobile, sunk to the bottom of a lake in a one-man submarine, worn a giant urine specimen cup costume as a mascot for a health care company, rode a vintage Puch at the Sturgis of mopeds and was mistakenly arrested by police hunting for a serial killer. He also spent six weeks in Baghdad during the Iraq war and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

The image that captures our long, long winter in Minnesota

Prank or performance art piece, it's attracted a lot of social media love.

Which is Minnesota's most famous animal? Dan Patch? Babe the Blue Ox? The Hamm's bear?

Candidates for the title of Minnesota's most famous finned, furry or four-legged fauna range from aquatic creatures to woodland rodents to cool campus cats.

The ancient tradition of 'beer poking' is surging in popularity in Minnesota

Sticking a red hot poker into your favorite brew yields "the beer equivalent of s'mores."

A massive Minneapolis model of the Millennium Falcon is fated for destruction

The nonprofit workspace Leonardo's Basement has to move, and its massive, kid-built starship is too big and heavy to come along.

When their St. Paul sidewalk was blocked by a mountain of snow, they dug a tunnel

Instead of a pedestrian bridge, they made a pedestrian snow tunnel.

A Minnesota field guide to snow shovels: Which one's best?

Here's how to pick the right shovel, from the classic to the crack-jumper, back-saver or the plow.

Earliest color photos of St. Paul Winter Carnival make their way back to Minnesota

Pre-Kodachrome photos from 1940 reveal a bygone spectacle.

Why you should go to a Minnesota county museum, says man who has been to (nearly) all

Where else can you encounter everything from a woolly mammoth tusk to a UNIVAC computer?

How to keep your body and house safe during the heavy snow

Drive slower and lift with your legs.

New Cheetos Duster lets you add that unique flavor (and color) to all your food

Instead of licking Cheetos dust off your fingers, you could be sprinkling it on your food.