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Rachel Hutton is a general assignment reporter in features for the Star Tribune. 

Hutton was previously the editor of Minnesota Monthly and Midwest Home magazines and City Pages' food critic. She has written frequently about restaurants, travel, and design and enjoys profiling interesting people. A Minnesota native, Hutton returned home after stints in the Bay Area and New York City and has traveled the state extensively, from the Spring Grove Soda factory near the Iowa border to the Northwest Angle, which pokes into the Canadian one. She has a degree in product design from Stanford and co-edited an essay collection about life "before the mortgage" prior to settling in the Twin Cities.

Adult Minnesotans have rediscovered the comfort of snow pants: 'Warmth is cool'

Adults embraced snow pants this winter, and wondered why they gave up the warmth they knew as kids.

Rose Bayuk, Army nurse and nursing home director, dies at 105

Rose Bayuk was a feisty 5-footer who, at 104, still hosted near-weekly dinner parties for her large circle of family and friends.The former Army nurse…

Daughter's death drives Minneapolis woman to fight 'fire' of teen suicide

After her 13-year-old daughter took her own life, a Minneapolis mom devoted herself to addressing the teen suicide epidemic at its roots.

The art (and science) of making outdoor ice rinks in Minnesota

Minneapolis rink-makers wield fire hoses and flood boxes, shovel ice shavings, and fight frost boils to provide smooth ice.

Together in life and death: Couples battle coronavirus

As COVID-19 has ravaged the elderly, couples who have spent nearly a lifetime together are dying together — days, sometimes hours apart. For some families, the losses are even more painful because a vaccine was almost within reach.

Minnesota photographers offer comfort through funeral and remembrance photography

Funeral photography, while still rare, is growing in the age of COVID as families seek new ways to remember.

Tide overs and rain checks: How to cope with changes to your holiday tradition

Modified and postponed plans can still tap the surprising benefits we get from rituals.

Food, music and big names come to Great Northern Festival for 2021

A new executive and artistic director adds culinary, cultural, and artistic programming.

Minneapolis' Sweets Kendamas sells the hottest quarantine toy you've never heard of

A Minneapolis man is fueling the global craze for the hottest quarantine toy you've never heard of.

Minnesota's expanded Great Northern festival is a 'bright light' for the winter ahead

Here’s something else the pandemic has put in short supply: things to look forward to. So this year’s Great Northern (Jan. 28 through…