See more of the story Pittsburgh, Pa., is less than an inch shy of this February becoming its all-time snowiest month. The 1.4 inches of snow that fell Wednesday brought the month's total to 40.0 inches. January 1978 and its 40.2 inches currently ranks as the city's all-time snowiest month.

January 1978 should no longer hold that record by daybreak Friday. Pittsburgh should receive an additional inch or two of snow through tonight.

To illustrate further how snowy this month has been, consider the fact that Pittsburgh receives 40.6 inches of snow during a normal winter. A typical February in Pittsburgh yields 8.5 inches. This month has already shattered the previous snowiest February record that was held by February 2003 and its 25.3 inches.

The snow this month brings Pittsburgh's winter total to 68.2 inches, making this winter the eighth snowiest on record. The winter of 1950-51 ranks first with 82.0 inches.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski