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Reusse: Bullpen help for Twins isn't obvious across the river in Class AAA

Looking to add a real arm to the troubled Twins bullpen? The Class AAA St. Paul Saints don't appear to have the answer.

Reusse: Longtime Twins coach Glynn circles back to his hoops roots

Gene Glynn will be back coaching high school basketball in a small southern Minnesota town when practice commences for the St. Clair Cyclones' 2021-22 season in November.

Reusse: Miller claimed he set the stage for Twins' '87 World Series victory

To hear "The Rabbit" tell it, he improved Gary Gaetti, Kirby Puckett and the middle infield, but the Twins never gave him the leadoff hitter and bullpen help he requested.

Reusse: Buxton's emergence gives fans hope Sano will figure things out

Five weeks into the 2021 season, Byron Buxton has been the best player in the American League. This is good news for those down on Miguel Sano's recent slump.

Reusse: A salute to toughness, Denise and Mark Rosen

As a Twin Cities sports media mainstay since 1969, Mark Rosen can tell you all about the toughest athletes he's covered over the years. He also knows the toughest non-athlete: his wife, Denise.

Reusse: Wolves streak ill-timed, but a sign of something interesting

There's a four-letter word to describe the future for the Timberwolves, but you'll have to get to the end of the column to see it.

Reusse: U softball junior Jensen enjoying second shot at postseason glory

Ellee Jensen missed most of the Gophers' World Series run in 2019 with injuries but is playing again.

Reusse: No long-range sweet shooter changed basketball like Curry has

Steph keeps making unearthly shots, off one foot or two, squared up or tilted, against defenders convinced they had him covered or that he was too deep to shoot.

Reusse: Unlikely pair force Twins skeptics to say 'Youneverknow'

J.A. Happ and Jake Cave were not a twosome fans would have guessed to deliver in the team's time of need Friday in a win over the Pirates.

Reusse: Not time yet to panic over the Twins, though intense fretting is in order

Picking apart a few of the Twins' issues as they returned home from a miserable road trip.