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Reusse: It's early, but Twins need to check Sano's timing on fastballs

Slugger Miguel Sano's alarming strikeout rate can't continue again this summer.

Reusse: MSU Mankato's 'Friendship League' filling D-II football void

Mavericks football coach Todd Hoffner talked with the Northern Sun about the possibility of spring games. Any competition had to be arranged among schools, and thus a plan was hatched.

Reusse: Pitino needs to go, regardless of how Gophers finish season

The athletic department's financial troubles and the pandemic complications should not stand in the way of Richard Pitino's dismissal

From International Falls to the Gophers, Betty Gibson had a passion for hockey

The longtime fan of the Minnesota program died Sunday in Rochester at age 89. Her roots go back to when high school hockey first came to the border community.

Reusse: NBA stacked against 'always building' teams like the Wolves

It's cold and depressing as a lowly member of the ABA — the Always Building Association — but it seems to be the Timberwolves' destiny in the most-unforgiving of pro sports leagues.

Reusse: Twins' trade of Nettles ranks near top of franchise mistakes

David "Big Papi" Ortiz is No. 1 for a Twins batter blunder, no question, but a nominee for No. 2 is Graig Nettles.

Reusse: Why modern baseball is unkind to thirty-somethings like Dozier, Plouffe

A player who would have been signing a contract extension in the spring of 2018 to stick around into the next decade at sizable dollars appears to face two unfortunate options in 2021.

Reusse: Albers joining Twins for third time — if he can get out of Canada

Coming off three seasons in Japan, lefty Andrew Albers will be heading for Fort Myers as soon as pandemic travel issues allow him to leave Saskatchewan.

Reusse: In Fulda, the Raiders happily take a partner and a new name

As family farms continue toward extinction and small town populations further age, civic determination keeps the doors open to schools that carry the hometown name.

Reusse: Gophers could fire and rehire Pitino, and sell it as a reboot

Gophers basketball has been the same product for years, no matter the coach.