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Reusse: Driscoll was a king of sports in Le Sueur and southern Minnesota

From town-team baseball to football and basketball and even bocce, Joe Driscoll "was great at anything he touched."

Reusse: Twins' lack of lefthanded relievers sign of the analytical times

Not so long ago, it was accepted wisdom that teams needed a lefthanded pitcher to face a lefty batter, but the Twins only have one on the roster.

Reusse: Meals at the Siragusas, ahead of the Super Bowl in 2001

After the Vikings fell 41-0 to the Giants in the NFC Championship, Patrick Reusse found Tony Siragusa's mother in New Jersey. After Tony's death on Wednesday, we republish this column.

Reusse: Arraez had his moment at the plate but Cleveland finished the job

The Guardians have made up 6 ½ games on the Twins since the end of May and won the series opener Tuesday but not before Luis Arraez showed why Terry Francona raves about him.

Reusse: Do Vikings fans need this? NFL relives Hail Mary — and kick that followed

NFL Films is telling the tale of a Twin Cities showman, a long-resented Vikings vanquisher and a controversy that keeps them laughing — even if it's still painful to Vikings fans of the era.

Pearson's version of Jonckowski's boot: 'He got me in the ribs'

Dick Jonckowski says he kicked Drew Pearson "in the foot" by chance in 1975. The former Cowboys' receiver remembers it differently.

Reusse: You knew it would happen. Wiggins gets traded, wins NBA title

It's a familiar pattern: Andrew Wiggins joins Kevin Garnett and Kevin Love as Wolves sent away in high-profile trades who went on to win an NBA title. What happened to the 'underperforming' Wiggy?

Reusse: Visit to Dick Putz Field reveals superb Fairmont battery

The Cardinals won a Class 2A quarterfinal against Sibley East in St. Cloud, lifted by a pitcher who is a catch-and-shoot hoops standout and a catcher of all-around note.

Reusse: It's been 70 years, but St. Louis Park finally returns to state

"Most of us have played together for a lot of years," first baseman/pitcher Brady Walsh said. "We were always talking about going to the state tournament. We finally made it."

St. Louis Park's last visit to state was derailed by tiny champion Halstad

Back in 1952, the state tournaments were one class and divided by geographic location.