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Miller previously worked at the Duluth News Tribune and the Anchorage Daily News. She lives in Old Frontenac, Minn.

Our back yards are the world, essayist Margaret Renkl reminds us

NONFICTION: Her gentle, powerful voice is just right for these times, and she's coming for Talking Volumes.

Review: 'Soil and Spirit,' by Scott Chaskey

NONFICTION: Scott Chaskey claims a place for humanity in the messy, intricate web of life.

Review: 'How it Went,' by Wendell Berry

FICTION: In the novel "How it Went," an American literary legend explores a familiar theme — what is lost when small agrarian communities fade and fold.

Review: 'Demon Copperhead,' by Barbara Kingsolver

FICTION: Barbara Kingsolver's latest, and best, re-creates "David Copperfield" in America's Appalachians.

Review: 'Essentially: Essays,' by: Richard Terrill

NONFICTION: Cranky and wise, Minnesota essayist salutes the things that matter most.

Review: 'Teachers in the Forest,' by Barry Babcock

NONFICTION: Barry Babcock's inspirations include an Ojibwe spiritual leader and wolves.

Review: 'The Dickens Boy,' by Thomas Keneally

At 16, Charles Dickens' son immigrated to Australia. What became of him there will transfix readers in this novel by the author of "Schindler's List."

Don't Miss: 'When Ghosts Come Home,' by Wiley Cash

Let's face it, some states are more evocative than others — take North Carolina. So many Americans of all ethnicities have ties to its cities…

Review: 'Within These Woods,' by Timothy Goodwin

NONFICTION: Essays celebrate the joy and connections to be found in the deep woods.

Apple Valley man's death was caused by home fireworks, police say

Police received a call just after 10 a.m. Sunday that the man was lying deceased in a back yard on Gavotte Avenue.