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The city of Coon Rapids is holding an open house Sunday to celebrate the start of its Home for Generations project, about to begin at a 1955 rambler.

The idea is for the city to purchase foreclosed homes that are in need of updating as a model of what can be done with a minimal investment to update older homes for modern families.

"One of our housing goals is to promote reinvestment in our existing neighborhoods," said city manager Matt Fulton. "It's all about evolving neighborhoods into the next generation of people who will be living here."

The city purchased the house last month for $90,000 and plans to invest $60,000 in a complete makeover that will include a revamped exterior, a kitchen addition and a made-over interior.

Contractor Sean Lennox hopes to keep the price of the remodel low by using liquidated, recycled and repurposed building materials.

On Sunday, residents can see the house in its "before" state. The city and Lennox Builders hope to have the home completed and ready for resale by May.

The city hopes to get a price of $187,000 for the refurbished home; the profits will be rolled into future projects.

The open house is 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 11610 Juniper St.

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