Kodadek, Elizabeth Ann was born to Benjamin and Lois Kodadek on May 21, 1950 in south Minneapolis. She loved her parents and was proud of her father the Marine who served in WWII. She was Daddy's girl and took loving care of him through his old age. Perhaps through this experience she started on a lifetime career of caring for elders in nursing homes, day centers and home settings. If she saw an elder anywhere, she would soon know their story. She charmed old men with her ability to talk about everything from cars to farming. They loved that petite woman who was one of the guys. Lisa also loved her cats. She could calm the wildest feral and soon have them warming her feet. They soon had personalities and sent cards to her friends. Their antics were a part of every conversation and she convinced other cat owners that there was a network of communication between their pets, when they were away at work. Lisa was thoughtful, always sending a card and making a phone call. When she was introduced to texting, phones dinged all over the United States because Lisa was thinking of them and wanted to say hi. Her ability to connect through the phone brought some friends through their darkest hours. Lisa was smart, loved to read and carried the radical political notion that people should care for one another. As a true child of the 60's she was at Woodstock and greeted the Beatles when they arrived at Wold-Chamberlain Field. Lisa lost her parents and her only brother. She wasn't without family because she counted as family everyone she worked alongside and who she met in her life. Her ex-husband, Jay Shelde, stepdaughter Cheryl Canfield, cousins, neighbors, mechanics, store clerks, co-workers, veterinarians, elders and their families survive her. Those who knew Lisa have a deep understanding of the song lyrics, "I came upon a child of God she was walking along the road." That was Lisa, quickly a friend with her ever present smile and contagious laugh. Now she is stardust. Lisa left this world on January 27, 2022. She will rest with her brother in Lakewood Cemetery in her beloved South Minneapolis. A Celebration of Life will be held On May 21, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. at Open Circle Adult Day Center, 34 10th Ave South, Hopkins, MN 55343.