Murphy, Dettie S. Age 70, of Eagan, passed away on January 6, 2022. Dettie was a devoted mother/ grandmother and will be remembered for her unconditional love. Dettie, although small in stature, had a presence that was larger than life. She was generous, supportive, forgiving, and always found the silver lining no matter how dire the situation seemed. She had a way with words and a witty sense of humor. Dettie was preceded in death by parents, Michael and Jessie Murphy; aunts, Marjorie and Phyllis Stranger; and grandparents. She is survived by son, Richard; daughters, Giustina (Bradley Tracy) and Emilia Panzironi (Jz Outlaw); extended family, Richard Panzironi and DeAngelo Thomas; and grandchildren, DeAngelo and DeKell Thomas and Luca Neville. Words cannot express the joy and love she gave to everyone she cared about. She will be deeply missed by her family and those who were lucky enough to call her friend. Due to a deployed family member, Dettie's memorial service will take place in June of this year. For more information, please email the family at EMILIAPANZ@YAHOO.COM