Who ever coined the phrase “never met a stranger” must have known Bruce.  Always friendly, always approachable to anyone and everyone.  No one was a stranger— just a friend he hadn’t spoken to yet.  And once you knew him, you knew about his passion for the outdoors, music, and making the most of life.

Bruce Wayne Moore (a.k.a the Batman) was born on February 20, 1956.  The first born to Roland and Gayle Moore.  Sister Bonnie, and brothers Craig, Steve and John followed.  The family lived and grew in Brooklyn Center Minnesota in the same house Mom lived in until 2015.

As kids Bruce and his siblings treasured time at the Van Auken cabin, annual family vacations with the Spanjers and Gotzian families (who remain lifelong friends), fishing and hunting trips with Dad, and backyard ball games with the neighbors.

When Bruce hit his teenage years, his time and energy went to girls, music and cars— in that order.  Mostly into rock and roll— Kiss, Mott the Hoople, Led Zepplin, and the Beatles were among Bruce’s favorites.  Having learned to play guitar in grade school, Bruce spent a lot of time playing rock star in the basement.  One of Bruce’s prized possessions is his Stratocaster electric guitar that he purchased as a teenager from B Sharp Music in North East Minneapolis with money he saved from his job as stock boy at the local grocery store.  Over the years Bruce played in various bands including “2/4 The Road” and “The Best Band in Baseball” playing at parties, racquetball tournaments, weddings, and outdoor events until just a couple years ago.  Bruce loved his band mates, and they have remained very close friends.

Like music, the outdoors was a passion through out Bruce’s life.  He earned an Associate Degree in Forestry from Vermilion Community College in Ely, MN.  It was during this time that Bruce met this friend Zimmy and the Levar family who both became part of the fabric of Bruce’s life.  Later Bruce furthered his environmental education at the University of Minnesota Duluth, but his impressive knowledge of the outdoors came mostly from decades in the woods, the fields and his gardens.  There were countless “B-dub” fishing trips, pheasant hunting on the Larsen family farm in South Dakota, and the legendary buck hunting trips to Ely with the West Road Boys.  Bruce was not only one of the leaders of these trips, but also the heart and soul.  During these times of the year Bruce’s memory will be the strongest, and his loss will be especially hard to bear. 

Anyone who knew Bruce, knew he was an excellent cook!  Whether a shore lunch prepared in the middle of the BWCA, or a healthy dinner using his own garden fare, many have enjoyed Bruce’s meals.

Bruce loved the city of Duluth and lived there for many years developing lifelong friendships.  One such friend is “Dr. Gary” who Bruce thought so highly of, and who has been a wonderful friend and mentor to Bruce for many many years.  In the early Duluth days Bruce made many friends at the Courthouse (as in racquetball) and those friendships are still strong. Who can forget the KZIO tournaments John Locker hosted?  The best of times.

For a time Bruce lived in Tucson where life long friend Mark Hansen  lives with his family.  Bruce just recently visited the Hansen’s and as usual he and Mark had some adventures!  While living in Tucson Bruce enjoyed hiking the local mountain areas, discovering the desert flora and fauna, and again, making many friends.  After a time, Bruce told his family he didn’t want to miss out on his nieces and nephews growing up, so he moved home.  Every kid should have an "Uncle Bruce”— larger than life even though he just wasn’t that big.  The kids loved him— “why is it ok for Uncle Bruce to swear?”  “How did he get so funny?”  “Has he always known how to play guitar?”  “Are any of his bands famous?”  “Is he the best Buck Hunter of the brothers?” 

Bruce was very close to his Mom Gayle.  Gayle lived with him for several years, and Bruce has been key to her stroke recovery.  While she lived with Bruce, Gayle probably had the best diet of her life— we’ve all seen some of the pictures of the meals he prepared for her.   Nature walks with Bruce were a joy to Gayle.  Her curiosity about how and why things happen in the outdoors was a common topic between them.  After Gayle moved to an assisted living center, Bruce always made time to drop in and visit (and make friends with the residents), to take her on outings (she was his most recent Valentine’s date),  and he called every night to exchange news of their days.

Uncle Denny and life long friend Elmer were close to Bruce’s Dad Rollie, and in his absence their presence in Bruce’s life was a treasure.  An outsider listening to Bruce’s conversations with these two would have heard a lot of poking fun back-and-forth, but those who knew them would recognize the love and respect.  During the past couple of years, Bruce worked along side Uncle Denny helping him build a log cabin.  Though the project has been difficult, especially over the cold winter, Bruce seemed to be at peace in Northern Minnesota enjoying the hunting and fishing seasons and his family on Little Mantrap lake.   As always, he made friends with the neighbors and the locals at the near by establishments.  Everywhere Bruce went he’d run into someone he knew.  Just a couple of weeks ago he shared with us that he could see himself living in Northern Minnesota and escaping to Tucson in the winter months.  If only.

Bruce was the most gregarious of people, and has been blessed with so many friendships.  To all of those who have worked and played with Bruce over the years— we know you are grieving, and we hope you will find comfort in the knowledge that he loved you too.

Bruce will be remembered as the guy who always remembered, the one who would be there when you needed a friend, the one who kept in touch, and the one who always took the high road.   He was kind, he was funny, he was always a good time, and he was loved by many many people.

Bruce is survived by his beloved mother Gayle, sister Bonnie, brother’s Craig, Steve and John, and each of their families including nieces, nephews as well as great-nieces and great-nephews.  He is also survived by, Uncle Denny, Uncle Guy, Aunt Diane and many beloved cousins and their families.  Bruce was preceded in death by too many people to name, but most notably his father Rollie and his dear friend Zimmy.  What a reunion that must be!

If you’d like to memorialize Bruce, pick an organization you find befitting, or, in lieu of flowers or memorials, remember Bruce by doing what he did…reach out to your family and friends.

We wish you all peace and thank you for helping us keep Bruce’s memory alive.

The Moore Family

Please join us to remember and celebrate Bruce!

Friday, September 3rd from 12:30pm - 3:00pm

Sundance Entertainment Center

15240 113th Ave N

Maple Grove, MN 55369

Dessert will be served.