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More snow showers and flurries are on the way over the eastern Great Lakes andthe Appalachian Mountains through Friday. The heaviest snow squalls willgreatly reduce visibility to a quarter of a mile or less, making travel verydangerous. The snow can also make roads quite slippery, so people should allowextra time to travel today.From the Green and White mountains of the northern Appalachians to themountains of western Virginia, 1-3 inches of snow can fall through tonight. Upto 3-6 inches of snow will accumulate in the mountains of West Virginia and tothe lee of Lake Ontario.

Watch for freezing drizzle in western New York and across northern and westernparts of Pennsylvania that can add to travel problems. Portions of I-80, I-86,and I-90 could become very slick and dangerous.

Story by Meteorologist Meghan Evans.