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St. Anthony's work has spanned corporate takeovers to financial markets, small businesses, and the emergence of women, immigrants and minorities in business. A native of Minneapolis who first joined the Star Tribune in 1981, St. Anthony holds undergraduate degrees in journalism and business, and an MBA. He also has worked for two publicly held companies, including former regional securities firm Dain Rauscher (1997-98). St. Anthony, who is married and the father of two children, has been a volunteer with the Minneapolis parks, several schools and nonprofit organizations.

St. Anthony: Minneapolis firm strikes first major deal for its PFAS-fighting technology

A Japanese chemical company will use the technology developed by Claros Technologies, which will open a new headquarters and pilot plant Tuesday in northeast Minneapolis.

St. Anthony: There's hope for more Black entrepreneurs around George Floyd Square

Two years after riots devastated area businesses following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, owners are working to rebuild.

St. Anthony: Most Minnesota company stocks lost value so far this year — what's next?

The S&P 500 index of America's largest companies was down 16% through May 13. The Piper Sandler Minnesota index of the 50 largest public companies in the state was down significantly as well.

Construction starts on $68M apartment, commercial complex in north Minneapolis

The project is one of the largest ever outside downtown and led by veteran businessman Tim Baylor, Catalyst Opportunity Funds, private investors and local government.

Money-losing Minneapolis Club gains traction with two-year turnaround effort

The 125-year-old downtown club, facing membership decline and losses for several years, has invested in a comeback plan.

St. Anthony: Niche short-haul railroads say they need state money to keep tracks updated

Minnesota's small railroads and trucking firms want more state funds amid growing cargo-weight exceptions that cause disproportionate wear on county and state roads.

Public-private coalition plans $2B fund to revitalize Twin Cities

The GroundBreak Coalition will use business, philanthropic and public capital to help rebuild the corridor hit by riots after George Floyd's death and address inequities in home ownership and business in the Twin Cities.

St. Anthony: Minnesota solar firms, including Eden Prairie's EVS, growing at hot pace

The industry, albeit facing short-term challenges, is needed for the state of Minnesota and other entities to meet carbon goals.

St. Anthony: Humble Minneapolis entrepreneurs on the mend after COVID downturns

Julie Steller, founder of Steller Handcrafted Goods, and daughter Katie Steller, founder of Steller Hair, are growing after pandemic-clipped years. They operate across the street from each other in northeast Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Step Up expands career opportunities for diverse youth

Step Up veterans Hero Yang and and Farah Dahir are welcomed by employee-hungry Twin Cities employers.