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St. Anthony's work has spanned corporate takeovers to financial markets, small businesses, and the emergence of women, immigrants and minorities in business. A native of Minneapolis who first joined the Star Tribune in 1981, St. Anthony holds undergraduate degrees in journalism and business, and an MBA. He also has worked for two publicly held companies, including former regional securities firm Dain Rauscher (1997-98). St. Anthony, who is married and the father of two children, has been a volunteer with the Minneapolis parks, several schools and nonprofit organizations.

Downtown's historic Butler Square completes a yearlong update

The century-old warehouse was first restored in 1974, beginning the overhaul of the city's old factories and warehouses into offices.

Pasquale Presa, the immigrant pizza king of Rochester, proves pandemic-proof

Presa quit a $120,000 corporate chef job to launch a pizzeria that now has a growing frozen line.

St. Anthony: Solar power is glowing in Minnesota

Solar is still a small part of the state's renewable energy mix, but it is growing quickly.

Bloomington software firm 75F closes venture capital round, attracts Siemens as investor

Siemens is the first strategic investor in the Bloomington-based maker of software for controlling building temperatures.

Wells Fargo makes $12 million in grants to Twin Cities community lenders

The funding is part of an initial payout of $420 million in grants to community finance providers by the nation's third-largest bank.

Erik's Bikes pedals for records from expanded, solar-powered HQ

Like many bike retailers, 2020 was a spectacular year for Erik's Bikes, which has grown to 32 stores in seven states.

How Russ Nelson, shaper of downtown skylines, found purpose after wife's death

Nancy Nelson spent her life devoted to social service, and her husband says he still follows her lead.

St. Anthony: Rebuilding the 'downtown' of Longfellow is going to be a long haul

The Minnesota Legislature watered down a $150 million aid package that was initially designed to help businesses in the riot-damaged sections of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

St. Anthony: Legislature fell short on help for Minnesota's most vulnerable preschool kids

But it did right for the providers of home health services, along with workers and the families who count on them.

St. Paul app maker BetterYou raises $2.25 million

It's the second infusion of capital for the firm, which created an app that encourages users to build healthy habits.