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Medcalf is currently a senior college basketball reporter and nationally syndicated radio host with ESPN. He's a former Star Tribune news and sports reporter.

Medcalf: Getting to know the real Martin Luther King Jr.

Let's honor him by studying the full story of his struggle and not just excerpts from his famous speeches.

Medcalf: Minnesota women speak about bell hooks' impact on their lives

The late scholar and author birthed a generation of Black women who were empowered by her ideas.

Medcalf: Verdict won't end the pain for those closest to Wright

Testimony showed the trauma friends and family have suffered

Medcalf: What Black Minnesotans are feeling hopeful about

'The greatest privilege of this space is the people I've met through this journey'

Medcalf: A letter to Daunte Wright's family

Let's not lose sight of the fact that we will never know his potential because his life was cut short.

Medcalf: For many Minnesotans, hunger is part of their new normal since pandemic

Hunger is closer to all of us than we may realize.

Medcalf: Why I chose not to attend Dave Chappelle's Minneapolis show

The comedian, an influential voice on racism, has the power to shape the perception of the LGBTQ community, another marginalized group that is full of Black folks he claims to defend.

Medcalf: Minneapolis election result feels like the start, not the end, of police reform fight

To ignore that view is to dismiss the diversified push to create systemic change and to avoid another tragedy.

Medcalf: Minnesota book club to encourage solidarity with Asian American communities

"Minor Feelings" has been filled with reflections on the parallels between the Asian American and the Black communities.

Medcalf: For joy on 8 wheels, roll onto Burnsville rink

At the roller rink, there is equality and diversity that illustrate the possibilities within the Twin Cities.