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Medcalf is currently a senior college basketball reporter and nationally syndicated radio host with ESPN. He's a former Star Tribune news and sports reporter.

Medcalf: Black children continue to lose their lives to gun violence. It's a Minnesota problem.

There is a long line of young victims and, in many cases, young shooters.

Medcalf: In Minn., boarding school trauma inflicted on Indigenous communities must be acknowledged

Native American history has been buried by a country that knows it cannot be discussed without the admission of complicity.

Medcalf: Donut Trap owner offers a message of hope for a Black community navigating a turbulent world

Through his doughnuts, he has created a platform for dialogue.

Medcalf: Next book chosen for anti-racism book club focuses on Asian American reckoning

The goal of this choice is to demand respect for the perspectives of our Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Medcalf: Changes to George Floyd Square threaten to scrub history

The city's move to reopen the intersection follows the playbook in a country that loves to move on when race is involved.

Medcalf: A love letter to the young Black men in Minneapolis I failed

Our children have a right to live.

Medcalf: Will powerful white Minnesotans live up to promises made after George Floyd's murder?

Until white people collectively commit to the empathy necessary to unravel systemic racism, this place will be ripe for more horror.

Medcalf: Antiracism book club explores caste in America

In Chris Rock's 2008 comedy special, "Kill the Messenger," he discusses the limited diversity in his affluent neighborhood in Alpine, N.J. At the time, the…

Medcalf: Compliance during Minnesota police encounters is only strictly required if you're Black

Reform, in the future, will be tested in a place now known for police killings,

Medcalf: Chauvin trial verdict offers glimmer of hope of what Minnesota can become

Although the darkness still lingers, the sun poked through the clouds on Tuesday.