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Myron Medcalf is currently a senior college basketball reporter and nationally syndicated radio host with ESPN. He's a former Star Tribune news and sports reporter.

Medcalf: Dialogue about school resource officers failed our kids

Our children deserve a more holistic approach to their well-being than the one presented in this conversation. Instead of chokeholds and policing, what about relationships and resources?

Medcalf: My quest to read more books led me to 'reading therapist' in St. Paul

Limit Netflix viewing, go on reading dates with friends and other advice to get back to reading more.

Medcalf: As a new school year begins, Minnesota's teachers and students need our support now more than ever

Aftershocks of pandemic have made a tough job even more challenging for teachers, and it will take all of us to fix it.

Medcalf: What Minnesota's wealth gap says about opportunity and power structure

If we are to see real progress in addressing gender and racial economic disparities, companies must do more to recognize and reward the impact of women and BIPOC individuals.

Medcalf: Minnesota's new policy banning school suspensions for our youngest students is progress

Law aims to curb discipline bias in schools, especially during the critical early years.

Medcalf: An apology was in order, Mayor Frey

Why did it take a federal investigation into Minneapolis police conduct to confirm for city leaders what Black Minneapolitans have been saying for years?

Medcalf: On embracing the wonderful, imperfect journey of fatherhood

Fatherhood is a responsibility and a chance to embrace growth.

Medcalf: Decision to remove hoops from park to fight crime is cruel

The decision follows two recent shootings in six weeks at River Bend Park in Savage. Officials do not shut down baseball diamonds and hockey rinks. But basketball rims are an easy target,

Medcalf: At George Floyd Square and beyond, the vow to never forget continues

The "Rise and Remember" event to mark the May 25 anniversary of Floyd's murder is a testament to a community's strength and perseverance.

Medcalf: Join us for a timely discussion with the author of 'Solito'

When I started the Mary Ann Key Book Club two years ago — with the support and partnership of the Star Tribune, the Hennepin County…