If you're ready for a new career path, there are steps you can take.

Looking for a second career? 'Take it a step at a time.'

Networking is job No. 1 for those changing their professional trajectory.

Bye-bye cubicles and corner offices: Reserving a desk for the day is new work trend

First-floor cubicle space in the Millwright office building by Ryan Cos. in Minneapolis' Downtown East area in 2017. The "hoteling" concept would scrap permanent desks at offices in favor of flexible, shared spaces.

— Elizabeth Flores, Star Tribune

Here's tips on how to successfully deploy and work within the "hoteling" concept, which eliminates permanent desks in favor of flexible, shared spaces.

Have a say in how your 401(k) account is invested

Typically, people invest their 401(k) dollars into funds, pooled investments that spread money across hundreds (if not thousands) of different stocks and other securities, including other funds with their own nested investments. The Russian-nesting-doll setup helps spread out risk by investing broadly and diversely...

— Kim Maxwell Vu, Star Tribune

Most accounts go into funds, which contain hundreds or thousands of individual securities. But with a little effort, you can have more control of where your savings go.

Are you going to the game? Make sure you bring your wallet

Between tickets, parking, concessions and souvenirs, going to a sporting event can be expensive. The average American family can spend more the $250 to go to a MLB game.

— Kim Maxwell Vu, Star Tribune

Enjoying a sporting event in person can become expensive fast. Here's tips on how to keep the fun outing affordable.

No one likes shopping for home or auto insurance. Here are tips to make saving less onerous.

Shopping around for insurance is essential to finding the best deal and having the right coverage.

— Kim Maxwell Vu, Star Tribune

Shopping around for insurance has always been essential to finding the best deal and having the right coverage for unexpected emergencies. But as the costs to repair and replace possessions continue to rise — and the prevalence of extreme weather also increases — choosing an insurance carrier and coverage has become an even more important decision.

How to make sense of a college financial aid package

Rachel Hopper and her son Espen Hopper-Willams filled out the FAFSA form together on a laptop during the financial aid workshop at South High School in Minneapolis on Feb. 6.

— Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

With FAFSA woes delaying aid offers, these tips can help families make comparisons on a tight deadline.

How to survive graduation season

Graduation season is a time of celebrating accomplishments and extending best wishes for life’s next chapter, but it can also be a time of stress when juggling party planning and gift decisions.

— Kim Maxwell Vu, Star Tribune

What you need to know about parties, gifts and planning.

Here's what July's commission changes mean for Minnesota homebuyers, sellers and agents

After the recent National Association of Realtors settlement about commissions, many buyers, sellers and their agents are left wondering what this means for their bank accounts amid the busiest real estate market in recent memory.

— Kim Maxwell Vu, Star Tribune

The National Association of Realtors' settlement, reached in March, is most likely to affect those looking to purchase a home.

Self employed? Here's how to avoid going broke when all your money is reinvested in the business

Yasameen Sajady, left, Fatimah Sajady and Sheilla Sajady of Maazah.

— Quincy Street Kitchen

From better money management to getting a second job, entrepreneurs share what they do when the business comes first.

How to save money at the pharmacy counter

In this July 10, 2018, file photo, bottles of medicine ride on a belt at a mail-in pharmacy warehouse in Florence, N.J.

— Associated Press, Star Tribune

Health insurance benefits are the first tool, but shopping around, paying cash and accessing coupons are strategies to consider, as well.

Homeownership could cost you under $100,000 if you consider a manufactured home

Real estate agents Nate Campion, Tricia Anderson, and Carrie Gibbs with Century 21 Moline Realty stand for a portrait outside a manufactured home Campion recently sold Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at Pine Village in Cambridge, Minn. New, proposed rules from the federal government would make buying a manufactured much...

— Anthony Souffle, Star Tribune

Formerly called mobile homes, these types of dwellings could be a good bet for prospective buyers struggling with record home prices and rising rents.