Many homeowners are now reinventing their houses rather than trading up to a different house and a much higher mortgage rate.

— Illustration by Kim Maxwell Vu

Can't afford higher mortgage rate but outgrowing current home? Try these house projects

Many homeowners are now reinventing their homes rather than trading up to a different one and a much higher mortgage rate.

How to recognize if trauma is affecting you at work, and how to manage it

From military members going to war, an advertising executive experiencing sexual harassment or a warehouse employee suffering an accident, many people can have trauma negatively impact their career and wellbeing.

Should you get your child a GPS tracking device as they head back to school?

Verizon’s Gizmo Watch is popular among Minnesota parents.

A variety of devices — from basic GPS tags to smartwatches — could provide parental peace of mind while still allowing an age-appropriate level of independence.

Who pays for food, tech and gas during college? How to set a budget beyond tuition.

These so-called hidden expenses add thousands of dollars to the yearly cost of college, but planning and budgeting for them can help avoid financial surprises that prevent students from earning degrees.

Athleisure defined the pandemic lifestyle, but how do we dress for the office now?

Personal stylist Nancy Dilts, left, assisted Stephanie Hoepner on updating her work-from-home clothes, which had consisted of sweatpants and T-shirts, to an in-office appropriate wardrobe at Elite Repeat on March 25, 2022 in Saint Paul.

— Shari L. Gross, Star Tribune

Workplace attire can be difficult to decide, especially with expectations changing since the pandemic.

Negotiating is part of everyday life: Here's how to do it and get results

Whether buying a house, asking for a raise or debating what to watch on TV with a spouse, negotiations happen all the time.

Has tipping gotten out of control? How to navigate the new world of tipping

The tip jar at Wheel Fun Rentals at Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis.

— Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

Touch-screen tip requests seem to be everywhere and the typical restaurant tip has climbed. Why are we tipping more?

The student loan pause is lifting soon, now it's time to start managing your debt

Connor Ketterling and his partner, Alexia, are enjoying being parents to 5-month-old Beckham while also working hard at paying off their student loans and becoming debt free.

— Richard Tsong-Taatarii, Star Tribune

Payments come due in October, but borrowers should start strategizing now for how this will impact their budget.

How to save for your kids' college education

“Saving” for college is better described as investing for college, and the longer money is in an investment, the better chance it has to grow in value.

— Illustration by Steve Zimmerman, Star Tribune

The best advice, once your own financial house is in order: Start now.

How to rent out a room in your home to make extra cash

Airbnb host Jan Korbel prepared a room for rent at her south Minneapolis home.

— Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

You can make short-term rental income without owning multiple properties if you follow these tips.

Minnesotans use crowdfunding to launch their businesses and find community

Jason Branch of Lightning Kayaks finished assembly of the company’s latest crowdfunded kayak, Lightning Nomad.

— Patrick Kennedy, Star Tribune

Crowdfunding can help fund a business by garnering relatively small investments from a large number of people.