The story in full view: Minneapolis North honors the memory of Deshaun Hill Jr.

The high school's football team plays on in the aftermath of the murder of a teammate, their quarterback, in February.
Defensive end Noah Tietjen led teammates in a pre-practice prayer, ending with “number 9 on me, number 9 on three,” during a Minneapolis North football practice.
Running back/linebacker William Smith worked on agility during a Minneapolis North football practice.
Linebacker Kahlil Brown, wearing the No. 9 he sought permission to wear in honor of Deshaun Hill Jr., ran through a practice drill called the gantlet.
Defensive back and wide receiver Zashon Rich prepared himself for practice.
Quarterback Kai’ An Darden ran a play-action pass play.
North’s Kahlil Brown stood for a portrait next to a banner with images of his late friend and teammate Deshaun Hill.
Running back/linebacker Kahlil Brown and teammates wear a sticker on their helmets, memorializing late teammate Deshaun Hill.
Running back Zelaun Black leaped to make a catch in practice.
Junior varsity players watched teammates run plays.
Players huddled up before running a play.
Tackles Anaise Dotson, left, and Jaylun Hurd relaxed on the turf and checked their phones.
Head coach Charles Adams III talked to his team at the end of practice.
Defensive end Noah Tietjen, right of center, led the team in prayer at the end of practice.
Minneapolis North football players walk past a banner with images of their late teammate Deshaun Hill when they enter and leave the football field.