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Michael Corey is a news developer for the Star Tribune. He specializes in data journalism, and his reporting has focused on mapping, science, remote sensing, history, data on the radio, police use of force, the U.S.-Mexico border wall and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

A Wisconsin native, Michael's past lives included work for Reveal and The Des Moines Register. He is a graduate of Drake University.

Opposition to policing amendment spanned north and south Minneapolis

Through impassioned debates in the nearly 18 months since George Floyd's killing by police, one question was frequently asked: Who would decide the future of policing in Minneapolis? Black residents disproportionately impacted by crime and police use of force, or white voters who often dominate local election turnout?

Precinct-by-precinct look at how Minneapolis voted down police charter question

While other younger, more diverse areas showed stronger support for the failed amendment, precincts on the North Side had narrower results.

Pandemic, homelessness brought record overdose calls in Minneapolis

Opium epidemic is spreading to more places in Minneapolis.

How Twin Cities housing rules keep the metro segregated

Decades of zoning policies that prioritize single-family homes have perpetuated more racially explicit discrimination.

Archive: Tracking coronavirus in Minnesota

Where are the COVID-19 cases in Minnesota? Here's a look by ZIP code

The Minnesota Department of Health releases weekly data on COVID-19 cases by ZIP code each Thursday. See where new cases are appearing in the state, and which areas have been hardest hit over the pandemic.

Can we tell if the vaccines are working in Minnesota?

Short answer: Yes! Longer answer: It's exceptionally complicated.

A COVID turnaround in Minneapolis' Cedar-Riverside

Through aggressive testing and stringent measures to curb the disease, the city has consistently lower rates of infection and deaths.

What were the hottest housing markets in the Twin Cities metro area?

With mortgage rates falling to record lows and a pandemic upending how and where people want to live, sales exceeded new listings throughout much of the metro. Find out how your community fared in our searchable Hot Housing Index for 2020.

Wait, so where in Minnesota did Kanye get all his votes?

Mr. Kardashian pulled in more than 7,000 votes from around our fair state.