Reporter | Race and Immigration

Maya Rao covers race and immigration for the Star Tribune.

Rao wrote for The Press of Atlantic City and The Philadelphia Inquirer before moving to Minnesota in January 2012. She previously covered the federal government for the Star Tribune.

Minnesota court interpreters go back to work

After a seven week work stoppage, interpreters say it's time to collaborate with the judiciary in seeking more compensation.

Minnesota letter campaign aims to support political prisoners in Russia

Russian-Americans in Minnesota are trying to channel anger over Putin's Russia into a letter-writing campaign to political prisoners there.

Migrants face tough competition for cash day jobs on one Minneapolis corner

Without work permits, the new arrivals hustle for work even as Minnesota's official labor market faces a shortage.

'It makes me stronger': How one Minneapolis family navigated two wars

Mohamed and Olena Khuder last year resettled in Minnesota from Ukraine.

Minnesota court interpreters support continuing work stoppage long term

State Sen. Ron Latz plans to hold a legislative hearing.

Minnesota is a top destination for migrants accepting free tickets to leave New York

The state ranks fifth in places asylum-seeking migrants went after landing in New York City.

State asks Minnesota court interpreters to keep working without pay resolution

Certified interpreters threatened to stop work on Monday.

Minnesota court interpreters threaten work stoppage, calling for higher pay

The interpreters sent a letter to State Court Administrator Jeff Shorba saying that a new compensation policy is "entirely unacceptable."

Number of refugees resettling in Minnesota rising, and more on way

More than 1,500 resettled in the Gopher State in the 2023 fiscal year, almost triple the amount from 2022.

Disadvantaged homeowners in Minneapolis get help paying for diseased tree removal

The Park Board says it's still seeking money for people whose trees were removed before 2022.