Reporter | Race and Immigration

Maya Rao covers race and immigration for the Star Tribune.

Rao wrote for The Press of Atlantic City and The Philadelphia Inquirer before moving to Minnesota in January 2012. She previously covered the federal government for the Star Tribune.

Riots, arson leave Minnesota communities of color devastated

The spasm of violence following the death of George Floyd in police custody has destroyed numerous other immigrant- and black-owned businesses.

A Minneapolis neighborhood expresses sadness, fear, resolve

They saw the stores they relied on for groceries and supplies smashed and burned. They saw fires that had smoldered for hours.

Sherbune County jail detainees plan hunger strike for release because of COVID-19

A federal judge recently rejected a petition for their emergency release during the pandemic.

A large percentage of Minnesota COVID-19 patients don't speak English

More than a fifth of COVID-19 patients interviewed by Health Department needed interpreters, heightening the need for interpreters.

Andover DACA recipient fearfully awaits Supreme Court decision in a time of coronavirus

Jessica Aguilar awaits a ruling that could cause hundreds of thousands of immigrants like her to lose legal protections.

Group rescued from Cloquet River after canoe capsizes

They were part of a larger group with three kayaks.

Rich Herman, a gentle giant who worked in aviation, dies of COVID-19 at 66

He died soon after returning to his Rosemount home on April 8.

Undocumented and struggling amid pandemic: 'This is a horrible situation'

Nonprofits are raising money to help Minnesota's more than 90,000 undocumented immigrants who don't qualify for government assistance during the pandemic.

Minnesota immigration advocates, companies size up details of Trump's immigration plans

Minnesota Farm Bureau President Kevin Papp said the White House has clarified that President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration would not affect seasonal farmworkers…

Twin Cities' African immigrant community rallies to overcome quarantine hardships

Some worry they won't qualify for small-business loans meant to keep them afloat and help them recover.