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What roles did Minnesota's Native American chiefs play? And who were some notable ones?

There are many misconceptions about these leaders, who sometimes had a fragile hold on power.

Record warmth, a dry fall and a heckuva lot of snow ends 2022

Long warm periods with four record highs, a November heat wave and unusually windy days were the trend in Twin Cities area weather in 2022.

How the Vikings' defense will change under new coordinator

The Vikings are throwing back to the 1980s — the last time Minnesota's defense featured three down linemen and four linebackers — under a new coordinator.

How to watch Olympic curling (and actually know what's going on)

We'll help you talk smart to your friends as the U.S. men's and women's teams look to medal.

Why the Olympic sprint course Jessie Diggins will face is such a challenge

On a course few cross-country skiers have ever seen, Jessie Diggins of Afton has her work cut out for her as she tries to bring home more gold for the United States.

Drought, haze, tornadoes: Take a deeper look at Minnesota's bewildering 2021 weather

Smoky air from wildfires, a severe June heat wave and unusual snowmelt made for some strange weather extremes in 2021.

Suni Lee's ultra-difficult Olympics bar routine is 'as cool as it gets'

The St. Paul's gold-medal winner had a lot riding on one big skill. Here's a step-by-step look at how her Olympic routine came together.

Climbing for gold: Shoreview's Condie one to watch in new Olympic sport

Sport climbing will be part of the Olympics for the first time this summer, joining five other new sports making their Summer Games debuts in Tokyo. Minnesota's Kyra Condie is a top challenger in the sport.

Climate change could mean more prairie, less forest in Minnesota

Scientists at the U say a warming climate and shifts in precipitation threaten Minnesota's forests by altering the ability of the state's ecosystems to support tree life. According to their forecasts, Minnesotans can expect more prairie and less forest in coming decades.

Step by step, here's how George Floyd's fatal encounter with police unfolded

According to a Star Tribune analysis of available video and news reports, here's a look at the incident that led to George Floyd's death on May 25.