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Sturdevant is a native of Dell Rapids, S.D., and a graduate of Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has been a member of Coe's board of trustees for 30 years. Sturdevant lives in St. Paul with her husband. They have three grown children.

One Minnesota dream meets two-Minnesota reality

This election, red got redder and blue got bluer, and we'll suffer because of that.

Same-day voter registration works in Minnesota

It helps more people vote, and is considered less prone to fraud than pre-registration. Why would we want to take that away?

Abolishing state income taxes could be a costly mistake

Balancing that budget loss would require enormous spending cuts, increases in other taxes, or both.

The swing districts of 2022

A Lake Minnetonka-area state Senate race could turn on the abortion issue.

The Minnesota muddle

Citizens have come to accept state government dysfunction as normal, and that's not good.

Gas costs, climate crisis fuel a dilemma

Legislators must know we're running out of time to make meaningful policy changes.

A skeptic's view of the state surplus

The world has changed since that forecast was made.

In post-Roe Minnesota, abortion could be a potent political issue

Under state court precedent, it would be difficult to outlaw abortion in our state. But it's not unthinkable.

Minnesota, the Midwest are central in combating climate change

For progress to occur, representative democracy will have to work better in these parts than it has in several decades.

City Question 2: The nuanced message of a 'no' vote

Former Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton has a good sense of what will motivate voters and what parallels to draw.