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Sturdevant is a native of Dell Rapids, S.D., and a graduate of Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has been a member of Coe's board of trustees for 30 years. Sturdevant lives in St. Paul with her husband. They have three grown children.

A new voice for the U

We need a lot more people like Melisa López Franzen if the state is to thrive during the next several decades.

Lori Sturdevant: It's regrettable that U-Fairview talks have been so hush-hush

The announcement of a task force on academic health at the U should help remedy this.

Humphrey's was a tale of vision, vigor and valor

And it's a good reminder of how we can be a part of positive change.

Minnesota's future: Early ed champions are thrilled, not satisfied

Major progress was made, but we need to do more for children from low-income families.

Calling all workers was session's Job One

The growth of workers in Minnesota has stopped, and that needs to be addressed.

Fixed-price gas tax leaves state roads in bad shape

Inflation is speeding ahead while our funding is idling.

On Social Security taxes, Minnesota seniors need a talking to

And legislators should be willing to do the talking.

Potholes and taxes in St. Paul

A few decades of disregard on several levels explains the current 1% sales tax proposal.

All U needs is love — at the Capitol

The University of Minnesota is crucial to our state's health, and it would be wise for the governor to show it.

Minnesota's voting reforms are 50 years in the making

They'll be labeled "extreme," but those who have been paying attention know better.