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Hertzel grew up in Duluth, earned an MFA from Queens University in Charlotte, N.C., has written two books, and currently serves as the autobiography chairman of the National Book Critics Circle board of directors.

Is there romance after grief? Yes, in Macalester grad's 'The Year of Second Chances'

FICTION: In a letter from the grave, her late husband urges a young widow to cannonball into the dating pool.

Review: 'Riveting' novel 'Strange Sally Diamond' takes an extreme look at nature vs. nurture

FICTION: Laurie Hertzel writes that the new psychological thriller provokes powerful feelings.

Review: 'My Husband,' by Maud Ventura, translated from French by Emma Ramadan

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Review: A friend descends into violence, madness in riveting 'Best Minds'

NONFICTION: Jonathan Rosen writes about a fellow Yale student and his battles with schizophrenia.

Review: Between the spies and the class struggles, something's amiss in 'The Beach at Summerly'

FICTION: Young Emilia Winthrop enjoys glamorous island life. Until she doesn't.

8 picture books by Minnesota writers take young readers into a diverse world

These lovely books are a great addition to bookshelves.

Review: 'George: A Magpie Memoir,' by Frieda Hughes

NONFICTION: A poet rescues a young magpie chick, which proceeds to take over her life.

Review: 'The Boy and the Mountain,' by Torbjørn Ekelund, translated by Becky L. Crook

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Review: 'Under the Henfluence,' by Tove Danovich

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Review: 'Still Life at Eighty,' by Abigail Thomas

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