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Review: 'Northernmost,' by Peter Geye

FICTION: The final volume of Peter Geye's trilogy takes readers to Minnesota's North Shore, and to 19th-century Norway.

Review: 'Who Are You, Calvin Bledsoe?' by Brock Clarke

FICTION: A lonely middle-aged man takes off with his aunt on a trip of adventures and crimes. And yes, you've read something like this before.

Holiday shopping for the baker in your life? The 12 best new baking books

Add these to your list of holiday must-haves, whether it's for a gift for a favorite baker or for yourself.

Review: 'A Woman of No Importance,' by Sonia Purnell

NONFICTION: The riveting and sometimes harrowing story of Virginia Hall, the one-legged American spy who confounded the Germans.

Review: 'Deep Creek,' by Pam Houston

NONFICTION: In this quietly stunning memoir, Pam Houston finds kindness and solace in unusual places.

Minneapolis bakers tell you how to make holiday breads in 5 minutes

The bread-in-5 duo is back, this time with more butter, to the delight of one of the authors.

There are no stupid questions when it comes to Thanksgiving hot lines

Need help for Thanksgiving? There's lots of advice out there for everyone hosting their first Thanksgiving, or even old hands wondering how to rev up their traditional feast.

Thanksgiving hot lines offer last-minute help for cooks

Last minute questions as you're putting the early (or final) touch to the big meal? Help is nearby.

Feast your eyes on the best baking books of the year

Whether it's for you or a holiday gift, these new baking books will send many to the kitchen in a flurry of flour and sugar.

If the reader disagrees with the critic, who is right?

If you read a review that disagrees with your opinion of the book, do you wonder what you missed?