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Kevin Duchschere, a metro team editor, has worked in the newsroom since 1986 as a general assignment reporter and has covered St. Paul City Hall, the Minnesota Legislature and Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington and Dakota counties. He was St. Paul bureau chief in 2005-07 and Suburbs team leader in 2015-20.

Duchschere grew up in Fargo and moved to the Twin Cities in 1976 to attend the College of St. Thomas, where he graduated in 1980 with a degree in history and political science. He earned a master's degree in mass communication from the University of Minnesota in 1986, and a master's degree in American history from the University of Virginia in 1993. A longtime resident of St. Paul, he recently moved to Minneapolis after securing his green card.

Why didn't Minneapolis and St. Paul ever merge?

It was once considered "manifest destiny" that the two cities would become one.

Did a Nazi sympathizer once represent Minnesota in the U.S. Senate?

Ernest Lundeen's long career in Minnesota politics culminated in a fight to stay out of World War II — and came to a tragic conclusion.

Review: 'The Abyss,' by Max Hastings

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Who was Hennepin and why did Minnesota name so many things after him?

The 17th century Catholic priest spent a short time in Minnesota, but left a long legacy.

Was Charles Lindbergh a Nazi sympathizer?

The Minnesota native drew controversy for his remarks and actions preceding America's intervention in World War II.

John Thompson survived his farm accident 30 years ago. Surviving his fame has proven harder

He doesn't dwell on what happened to him; his attitude is that stuff happens, you move on. But he's hoping for better times — maybe in Minneapolis.

John Thompson survived his farm accident 30 years ago. Surviving his fame has proven harder

Why isn't Minnesota's sacrifice at Gettysburg better remembered?

Dozens of Minnesota soldiers charged to their deaths in one of the Civil War's most important battles, helping deliver a victory for the Union Army.

Review: 'Travels With George,' By Nathaniel Philbrick

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Five injured in early morning house explosion in Cambridge

"The fact that anyone walked out of it is miraculous."