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McGuire: Sorting through the flood of credit card offers

Beware of the resurgence of credit card offers in the mail. Some may be good deals, but some can be deceptively risky.

The one thing trickier to manage than money: Time

  I’m fine with the fact that there’s only so much money. That there’s only so much time? Well, that’s another story. I’m continually struggling…

Kara McGuire: Best to get taxes done early

Tax time presents a telling picture of your money situation.

A wealth of options for money advice

The financial planning model has been shifting in recent years as new entrants, new pricing structures and new technologies evolve to offer advice to the masses.

Kara McGuire: Seven years of money lessons

Parting words from the Star Tribune's personal finance columnist.

Smart savings tools for the new year

If you're like many Americans, saving more tops your resolutions list. Here's a look at some incentives to keep savers on track.

Making a plan to make a difference

How to craft a thoughtful charitable giving plan.

Is your charitable giving plan upside down?

Robyn Schein of the Minneapolis Foundation says many people tend to have their charitable priorities all mixed up, supporting other people's passions through workplace fundraisers and charitable events before they fund the causes or issues they care about most. Here's a breakdown:

March 15: Rowan gets 14 months and a scolding

Judge said she hopes Hecker's ostensible wife finds respect for law while behind bars.

Debt-settlement diligence

Nonprofit foreclosure counselors can help homeowners postpone sheriff's sales and navigate the loan modification process. Nonprofit financial counselors also can meet with strapped consumers to explore debt-payoff options. Knowing that, if you're still looking at for-profit companies in those fields, or hoping to hire a lawyer specializing in debt-settlement or foreclosures, consider: