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Jon Tevlin is a former Star Tribune columnist.

Depressed after his wife's death, this Minneapolis man turned to ketamine therapy for help

When traditional antidepressants failed, he found an Eden Prairie clinic that uses ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Tevlin: 'Against all odds, I survived a career in journalism'

After 20 years at the Star Tribune and almost nine years as a columnist, Jon Tevlin writes his last column.

Tevlin: Grateful Frogtown couple fight their way back from fire and illness

The fire that wiped out the Kidders' possessions also brought new opportunities, including a chance to look at life a little more closely.

Tevlin: Two political pros offer up some advice to new mayors

Tevlin: Jeremiah Program CEO follows her mom's lead

Tevlin: Sexual harassment purge turns 'Giant of Senate' Al Franken into a ghost

The Giant of the Senate, as Franken jokingly referred to himself in his latest book, is now the Ghost of the Senate.

Tevlin: Minnesota bus crash survivor was broken but never defeated

Sawyer Stevens' $100,000 scholarship won during the Big Ten title game doesn't compare to the story of his rise from the bus crash near Cottonwood, Minn., in 2008.

Tevlin: Things get ugly in town after three cats go missing in Cohasset, Minn.

When local authorities initially dismissed the issue of the missing pets, a group of neighbors turned into part-time sleuths -- and it led to a felony case.

Vandals trash small American Indian school in Minneapolis

Chairs and tables were overturned, doors were broken open. Vandals had spray-painted gang graffiti on the walls, on a washer and dryer used to clean the clothes of students who may be homeless, and on the art projects of the 45 students who see Center School as a second home, maybe even a first home.

Tevlin: Habitat for Humanity's Orin Scandrett lives with energy, excitement at 87

"There is no question it was the greatest experience of my life," the group's founding director says of a recent trip to Cambodia.