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John Reinan is a news reporter covering Greater Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. For the Star Tribune, he's also covered the western Twin Cities suburbs, as well as marketing, advertising and consumer news. He's been a reporter for more than 20 years and also did a stint at a marketing agency.

Reinan has reported for seven newspapers from Alaska to Florida and points in between. A graduate of Fergus Falls High School and St. Olaf College, he usually can get within two degrees of connection to just about anyone in Minnesota. In his free time, he reads a lot of history, drives the historic Lake Harriet trolley in Minneapolis and plays the stand-up bass.

Mayo's 'singing surgeons' take their act to the Indianapolis Speedway

They'll sing in Memorial Day celebration at Indianapolis Speedway.

Judge to rule soon on whether Minnesota bar can reopen

Shady's Tavern in Albany, Minn., is fighting governor's order barring drinking and dining on premises during COVID-19 pandemic.

How did wolves become dogs? These Minnesota wolf pups may hold the answer

Three wolf puppies are key to a new theory about how wolves evolved into dogs.

Treasured comic book collection found in Drake Hotel rubble reunited with owner

Collector thought he lost it all in Christmas Day fire.

Judge shuts down attempt to open Stearns County bar early

"I'm not standing here in tears because I'm happy to open," said Kris Schiffler, owner of Shady's Hometown Tavern. "I'm standing here in tears because the attorney general has just shut us down."

When Twin Cities downtowns reopen, so will their skyways

When the stay-home order is lifted — now set for Monday — and business as usual is allowed, the skyways also are likely to go back to their usual operation. Owners say safety will be stressed in the corridors that carry hundreds of thousands.

Minnesota's high school robotics teams design gear for COVID-19 first responders

Minnesota high schools are manufacturing protective gear

North Dakota loses out in COVID-19 competition for supplies, cancels testing events

With 50 states and the federal government competing for scarce COVID-19 testing supplies, North Dakota came out on the short end Monday.The state was forced…

Caution will outlast Minnesota's COVID-19 restrictions

For many, the weeks in quarantine have instilled a sense of concern — or fear — that won't be easy to shed.

Cloistered Minnesota nuns share thoughts on handling social isolation

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across Minnesota and much of the globe, several sisters graciously consented to meet and offer their thoughts on how the rest of us can cope with our social isolation during the novel coronavirus pandemic.