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The West calls out Putin's imperialism

After world leaders mourn a queen, but not the British Empire, they warn of the Kremlin leader's drive to resurrect a Russian Empire.

Yet another crippling 20th-century scourge makes a comeback

Polio, which along with extremism was foretold and forewarned by novelist Philip Roth, re-emerges.

McCullough, Mar-a-Lago and the enduring search for historical truth

Histrionics, not historical context and method, marked the rush to judgment about the FBI search of former President Donald Trump's home.

White House photographer witnessed, and captured, history

Pete Souza, in Minneapolis for a Wednesday evening event, sees similarities between former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

From Ukraine to Blaine: A soccer team's journey to the USA Cup

Two Minnesotans and a minister from Ukraine help a team get "out of the trauma and see there is some normalcy in the world."

Latvian prime minister's clear-eyed view of Russia

Krisjanis Karins, visiting Minnesota, says that Putin "will go as far as he is allowed to go."

Russian Nobel laureate's noble act for Ukraine

Journalist Dmitry Muratov auctions his 2021 Peace Prize to aid UNICEF's efforts on Ukrainian refugees.

Amid enduring challenges, U.S. journalists remain resilient

A new Pew poll shows that despite an increasingly difficult media, political and social environment, most would choose the career again.

Similarities, differences between Watergate and Jan. 6 eras

The political, social and media environments have changed in the half century between the two scandals.

Ukraine needs arms — and hearts and minds, too

As the war endures, so must support and attention from Americans and citizens of other countries.