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Ukraine needs arms — and hearts and minds, too

As the war endures, so must support and attention from Americans and citizens of other countries.

'The Long Breakup' gives context to conflict in Ukraine

Filmmaker Katya Soldak will attend Sunday's Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival screening of her documentary about her country's turbulent post-Soviet era.

Elon Musk, CNN+ and the Times headline latest media tumult

How the new direction of social media and news organizations are received will tell a lot about where media — and democracy — is headed.

Ukrainian, Russian political cartoons draw upon antiwar sentiment

New exhibit at the Museum of Russian Art showcases satirists' work — and its unflinching support of Ukraine.

World food supply may be the next war casualty

Along with other destabilizing disruptions, Russia's attack on Europe's breadbasket producing "alarming cascading effects," according to the U.N.

Neighbors at war, two presidents a world apart

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's communication acumen and motivating message are a sharp contrast to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The consequences — and clarity — of calling Putin a 'war criminal'

President Joe Biden, "speaking from his heart," calls out the heartless Russian president for atrocities in Ukraine.

Playing Politics: Biden heads to Europe

The president looks to advance allied unity on Ukraine. Hear the "Playing Politics" analysis from WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman and the Star Tribune Editorial Board's D.J. Tice and John Rash.

Putin's propaganda hurts the world, but harms Russians most

What Russians read, hear and see — and what they don't — props up the Russian president, but at times the truth seeps through.

Playing Politics: Zelenskyy's address to Congress

The Ukrainian president's speech is analyzed by WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman and the Star Tribune Editorial Board's Scott Gillespie and John Rash.