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A Minnesota lens: Defending democracy in Ukraine and beyond

At a Twin Cities event, Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Sen. Amy Klobuchar reflected on today's key geopolitical divide.

Elon Musk shouldn't command Ukraine decisions

Governments, not individual citizens, should make — and be held responsible for — military policies.

John Rash: Respect voters by improving debates

Fox News and former President Donald Trump should show more regard for the electorate as the debate schedule rolls on.

With newspapers, don't try that in a small town

A police raid on a Kansas newspaper galvanizes press advocacy organizations and everyday citizens to defend the First Amendment.

John Rash: As heat broils the planet it may roil geopolitics, too

The effects of climate change can spur migration — and subsequent political — crises that endanger democracy.

Oppenheimer-era blast radius still reverberating

The threat of nuclear war — and of silencing scientists — is more dangerous than ever.

Ukrainian soccer team returns to USA Cup, U.S. 'family'

For the squad's head coach, it's a respite from the war yet an opportunity to share "what's going on in Ukraine."

Drawing out — and calling out — Vladimir Putin

Graphic novel "Accidental Czar: The Life and Lies of Vladimir Putin" examines and explains the Russian president.

U.S., Biden approval ratings on the rise — abroad, at least

New Pew poll in 23 countries across continents shows increasing international support for America and its commander in chief.

Why one tragedy at sea eclipsed another

The search for the submersible Titan generated a level of media coverage far beyond the attention paid to the Adriana and the deaths of hundreds of migrants.