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Campaigns past and present reflect on Reagan's legacy

Allegations about the 1980 campaign surface as the GOP's top 2024 candidates veer from Reagan's resolute stand against totalitarianism.

China's unexpected diplomatic coup changes the Mideast puzzle

A Beijing-brokered deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia alters regional, and maybe even geopolitical, dynamics.

U.S. must be a beacon for democracy for Mexico, Israel

As protests roil its two allies, America needs to live up to its own democratic ideals.

An exemplary post-presidency. (And a pretty good presidency, too.)

Belying public (and often pundit) perceptions, Jimmy Carter had an often consequential and constructive White House tenure.

Avoiding 'Munich' at the Munich Security Conference

World leaders gathering at the annual meeting seem resolute in rejecting further appeasement of Russia.

In a new documentary, as in life, LBJ looms large

"Turn Every Page: The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb" focuses on the 50-year collaboration between the legendary writer and editor.

In tank debate, all was not quiet on the German front

Oscar-nominated "All Quiet on the Western Front" reminds why Germany's history plays a role in present-day politics, too.

Geopolitical, global-warming angst in the Alps

The climate crisis is the type of challenge meant for the business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

On black swans, gray rhinos and white doves

Geopolitical experts consider the conflicts and top risks of 2023.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Time's 'Person of the Year,' channels Chaplin as much as Churchill

In a compelling profile, the Ukrainian comedian-turned-statesman lauds unconventional voices against totalitarianism.