Washington Correspondent

Washington correspondent Jim Spencer examines the impact of federal politics and policy on Minnesota businesses, especially the medical technology, food distribution, farming, manufacturing, retail and health insurance industries.  

Previously, he worked as an enterprise reporter in Minneapolis, writing on topics including Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, lake pollution caused by residential development, unintentional shootings of children, suicide among senior citizens, and budget cuts to homebound care for the disabled.

First Senate bipartisan report finds broad failures in Jan. 6 Capitol attack

The report, led in part by Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, paints a picture of missed clues, lack of preparedness and communication issues in the run-up to the Capitol riot.

Medtronic's profit surges, as turnaround from pandemic slowdown continues

The comparison against year-ago quarterly results was easy, but Medtronic also produced a 4% sales gain for its just-completed fiscal year.

Israel-Hamas conflict divides Minnesota Democrats

Mounting overseas violence highlights differing views among Democrats over Israel's culpability.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar sparks new debate on business competition

Her book "Antitrust" sets out an agenda for controlling modern-day monopolies and shifting burden of proof.

Senate Dems ready voting rights bill despite partisan gridlock

For much of the day before the 9-9 vote, the Senate Rules Committee led by Sen. Amy Klobuchar struggled to find common ground.

Sen. Klobuchar's new big test: Shepherding election reform

The Minnesota Democrat faces the mammoth task of leading the push for the sweeping legislation in the Senate.

Minnesota company says new electric truck could revolutionize firefighting

Beyond its fast-charging batteries, the technology allows for new types of maneuvering and monitoring at fire, accident scenes.

Big business in Minnesota draws a line at Biden's proposed tax hike

Washington – Corporate tax cuts have been kind to Minnesota's biggest companies. In fact, many of the state's multi­billion-dollar, multinational corporations had lower effective tax…

Minnesota stalemate on gun laws is contrast to broader national momentum

With debate stalled, carry permits and background checks are at record levels.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar faces down GOP barrage on voting rights act

She said the sweeping voting rights bill "simply tries to make it easier to vote."