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One of my biggest fears is perpetual boredom: living in a boring place, dealing with boring people, looking out the window at boring weather. That's not an issue in Minnesota, right?

Factoring this morning's crisp windchill of minus 15 degrees it will feel nearly 85 degrees warmer by Sunday, when temperatures may approach 70. Sometimes these herculean swings in temperature spin up huge snowstorms. Not this winter, the warmest on record for most of Minnesota.

February is running 14 degrees above average at MSP. We basically had March in February. Six record highs at MSP since Dec. 1? Seventeen days at or above 50? Looney Tunes stuff.

Welcome back to January with teens today despite brilliant sunshine. That odd numb feeling won't last long. We should top 50 tomorrow and 60 Saturday with upper 60s to near 70 Sunday (along with a few strong thunderstorms bubbling up late in the day). Daytime highs return to the 40s next week, still milder than average — but not outrageously so.

Best or worst winter ever? Your call.