Topic Team Leader

James Eli Shiffer is the topics team leader for the Star Tribune, supervising coverage of climate and the environment as well as human services. Previously he was the cities team leader, watchdog and data editor and wrote the Full Disclosure and Whistleblower columns. 

Before coming to the Star Tribune in 2005, Shiffer worked at The News & Observer of Raleigh, N.C., where he was an editor and reporter. Shiffer is the author of "The King of Skid Row," a local history book. He lives in Minneapolis with his family.

E-mails, public records reveal what happened before Third Precinct was abandoned

Three days of rage culminated in the burning of the Third Precinct, an event unprecedented in modern American history.

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Review: 'Dirty Doc Ames and the Scandal That Shook Minneapolis,' by Erik Rivenes

NONFICTION: Minneapolis Mayor "Doc" Ames was known for his visits to brothels, rigged poker games, and free-flowing booze.

Minnesota open records law needs a name equal to its purpose

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act needs a new title. Desperately.

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Lack of government transparency plays a big role in propagating wild theories of alien landings and coverups.

Breeders and animal dealers granted privacy, even after inspectors find problems