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By DJ Kayser, filling in for Douglas:

My spouse and I just got back from a trip to the North Shore. We like to go before Memorial Day weekend to avoid the crowds. It was amazing to see an almost perfectly calm, easy to paddleboard Lake Superior on Sunday become something more suitable for a surfboard with Tuesday's storm. And the roar that Gooseberry Falls was making Wednesday after all that rain was unforgettable.

Including the rain that fell Friday morning, MSP is sitting at the 18th wettest meteorological spring (March-May) on record. Chances for rain continue into next week, including over the Memorial Day weekend. The highest chance that rain could dampen any BBQ or outdoor plans appears to be Sunday.

Luckily Lake Superior doesn't produce hurricanes. An "average" Atlantic hurricane season has 14 named systems and seven hurricanes. NOAA's forecast, released Thursday, has 17-25 named storms and 8-13 hurricanes. Let's hope they all recurve out over the open Atlantic.