Columnist | Outswimming the Sharks

Mackay: Success takes more than goals, it takes commitment

Harvey Mackay says if you are not committed to your career trajectory, you need to wake up and figure out why.

Mackay: Be likable. It's as simple as that.

Likability, including good and nonjudgmental listening and being conscious of body language, is important to business success.

Mackay: It takes everyone doing his or her part to get things done

From Susan B. Anthony and her campaign for women's right to vote to the creation of the internet, each person can move the world forward in his or her own way.

Mackay: There's no such thing as overnight success

Instead, you must work hard every day and build your success step by step, he says.

Mackay: Business networks are great, but you also need friends

Be open to friendship with people in all parts of your life, and make friendships a priority. They can help you thrive.

Mackay: Appreciation is the key to worker engagement

A recent Gallup poll found that nearly 70% of workers would work harder if they felt they were appreciated more.

Mackay: Focus is the doorway to all thinking — and key to reaching business goals

You need to find ways to improve focus like setting priorities for the day and finding a way to minimize distractions.

Mackay: Complaining is contagious, but does not solve problems

When managing someone who complains, it's always good to listen but then ask for solutions.

Mackay: Businesses need to embrace change

Successful businesses learn how to adapt to disruption.

Mackay: You can change your future if you believe in yourself

You must go into situations with open eyes, evaluating failures and taking advantage of opportunities.