New book looks back at 1982, when "E.T.," "Blade Runner" and "The Thing" revolutionized how we see movies.

NONFICTION: Chris Nashawaty's paean to 1982′s sci-fi films is "the perfect nonfiction beach read."

A mysterious death and an urgent quest power this novel's troubled protagonist

FICTION: Dinaw Mengestu's wise "Someone Like Us" illuminates the immigrant experience and the legacy of addiction.

'I didn't come here to make friends': Great book traces fallout of 'Real Housewives' and 'Survivor'

How did we end up at "The Real Housewives?" Emily Nussbaum's book about reality TV, "Cue the Sun!," has the answers.

'City on Fire' author wobbles with ambitious second novel, 'The Second Coming'

FICTION: Gifted Garth Risk Hallberg's new book is an uneven epic.

A Penobscot novelist wonders what it means to be Native in 'soulful' family drama 'Fire Exit'

FICTION: Morgan Talty's exquisite novel delivers on the promise of his prize-winning debut.

Stretching from WW II to the present, Claire Messud's new novel is a 'masterpiece'

FICTION: Sweeping, autobiographical "This Strange Eventful History" is textured and revelatory.

Looking at the historic bonds of animals and humans in 'Our Kindred Creatures'

NONFICTION: "Our Kindred Creatures" vividly re-creates the rise and spread of the ASPCA.

New book looks at the 'Native Nations' that called this land home before colonists arrived

NONFICTION: A single-volume history of Indigenous nations is both majestic in scope and intimate in tone.

Cheeky humor enlivens 'Wild Houses,' a tale of desperate Irish gangsters

FICTION: Colin Barrett's wondrous first novel delivers on the promise of his acclaimed short fiction.

'Until August' is the final novel from one of the all-time greats

FICTION: Gabriel García Márquez's final novella is short but as fully realized as his masterworks.