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Review: 'We Begin at the End,' by Chris Whitaker

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Review: 'Dark Roads,' by Chevy Stevens

books in brief

Review: 'Rock, Paper, Scissors,' by Alice Feeney

Books in brief

Review: 'The Photographer,' by Mary Dixie Carter

The PhotographerBy Mary Dixie Carter. (Minotaur Books, 305 pages, $14.99.) This book is, in a word, creepy. This fun and fascinating take on how far…

Review: 'The Stolen Hours,' by Allen Esken

Books in brief

Review: 'Wolf Kill,' by Cary J. Griffith

Wolf KillBy Cary J. Griffith. (Adventure Publications, 384 pages, $16.95.) Forget beach reads this hot and sweaty summer. How about a taut mystery set in…

Review: 'The Other Emily,' by Dean Koontz

The Other EmilyBy Dean Koontz. (Thomas & Mercer, 362 pages, $28.99.)It's been years since California detectives arrested Ronny Lee Jessup, a serial kidnapper and abuser…

Review: 'The Wife Upstairs,' by Rachel Hawkins

The Wife UpstairsBy Rachel Hawkins. (St. Martin's Press, 304 pages, $27.99.)Get ready for a lightning-fast read with familiar characters in an altogether unfamiliar setting.This suspenseful…

Review: 'Do No Harm' by Christina McDonald

Do No HarmBy Christina McDonald. (Gallery Books, 347 pages, $16.99.)Emma has a wonderful marriage. She's a doctor, burdened with medical school bills but working at…

Review: 'The Unwilling,' by John Hart

The UnwillingBy John Hart. (St. Martin's Press, 384 pages, $27.99.)John Hart, the author of six New York Times bestsellers, makes his mark again with the…