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Erica Pearson covers faith and spirituality for the Star Tribune. Before joining the Star Tribune, she spent more than a decade at the New York Daily News, where she was an assistant city desk editor.

A Wisconsin native, Pearson has covered everything from immigration to cops and courts to lifestyle news.

Finding a sense of purpose and community helps combat loneliness

Joining a choir, a fix-it club or becoming a regular at a coffee shop is better for you (and those around you) than you realize.

What questions do you have for the U.S. surgeon general about loneliness?

Vivek Murthy issued an advisory last year calling loneliness a public health crisis.

Are you a smart cookie? Test your Girl Scout cookie IQ

Think you know all there is to know about the iconic cookies? Take our quiz to see how you stack up.

Daffodils thought spring was here, but it's not

Here's what you can do to protect plants from our winter-like cold snap, (The snow may actually help.)

After Lutsen, what is the state of classic lodges in Minnesota?

These old-time lodges are steeped in history for Minnesota travelers.

Grandma Jen was making a lace tablecloth when she died. A stranger stepped in to finish it.

The Loose Ends nonprofit connects volunteer crafters with unfinished knitting, crochet or sewing projects. Hundreds in Minnesota have signed up to help.

Are you lonely? You're not alone. Here's how to fight the loneliness epidemic.

Our latest public health crisis is growing and impacts our health in surprising ways. But it has an antidote: social connection.

Vatican bars former Archbishop John Nienstedt from public ministry in Minnesota, Dakotas

No crime was found under canon law, but pope calls Nienstedt's behavior "imprudent" and also forbids him from living in the three states.

Why is Gen Z obsessed with Snoopy? These Minnesotans offer a few clues.

Teens and twentysomethings are stalking CVS stores and donating blood to show their love for the 1950s beagle.

What are Minnesotans' most meaningful Christmas Eve traditions?

We mark the holidays with tamales, lefse, the classic movies, even an extended visit from Santa.