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AI chat is good for nothing — yet

That'll change quickly. The time for regulation will come, too, but the needs aren't clear — yet.

Ruling lets cameras, sunshine into courtrooms

Greater transparency can build trust, educate public.

Speed is key to 'unwinding' health coverage twist

The Minnesota Legislature needs to act because a pandemic emergency measure — continuous enrollment in medical assistance programs — is coming to a quick end.

The University of Minnesota must do more to cut costs

Significant state support does not mean an open checkbook of taxpayer dollars.

As Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping bond, so must the West

The summit was about Russia-China ties more than peace in Ukraine.

Gov. Tim Walz pushes for public safety and more in revised budget

Revised budget plan's most critical investment might be in addressing crime statewide.

To be, or not to be, afraid of the federal budget?

A look at the structure of the debates in Washington.

Caution on nurse staffing reforms

A grave labor shortage and dire hospital finances make this a dubious time to pass reforms that would likely require more hiring.

Ensure equal rights for women

Congress, Minnesota must keep working on amendments to provide equal justice under the law.

Fund the new 988 mental health crisis line

Federal dollars have helped this new easy-to-remember hotline launch. But state investment is also vital.