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Crime data beyond the headlines

Much can be gleaned from paging through the state's annual report.

The high cost of state's alcohol abuse

Minnesotans are running up a tab with a serious financial impact on all of us.

An attack on Rushdie — and free society

Rising intolerance must be addressed internationally and here at home.

St. Paul must refine rent control policy

The City Council is considering changes, as it should, to unworkable limits approved by voters.

Modernize farmland ownership laws

Concerns surface after recent acquisitions by Bill Gates, Chinese firm.

U.S. regains climate credibility

Inflation Reduction Act reasserts American leadership on global warming.

Yes to easing drug, health care costs

The Inflation Reduction Act has smart, targeted fixes for prescription drug and health insurance cost relief.

Playing Politics: Takeaways from Omar's narrow victory

The Fifth District representative barely beat her DFL challenger. Hear the "Playing Politics" analysis from WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman and the Star Tribune Editorial Board's Patricia Lopez and John Rash.

Close win carries a message for Omar

Public safety remains a critical issue in Fifth District and in the Hennepin County attorney's race.

Following the facts to Mar-a-Lago

Let's take a breath until we learn more about what the FBI was seeking from Trump.