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Two candidates, 21 questions

Things we'd like asked of Biden and Trump at Thursday's opening debate.

Expand downtown St. Paul safety program

Lowertown could benefit from an effort that's effective at addressing "the signs of social disorder that make us feel uneasy."

'Why would I ever sign up for that?'

We need good people in public service, but the toxic atmosphere turns them away. All of us can help fix this.

Yes, you need to wear a life jacket

Minnesota boating fatalities are off to a tragic start, and this year's wet weather has created high water and powerful currents.

Surgeon general right to urge social-media warning

To help kids, Congress should heed Vivek Murthy's call for a warning label.

Tighten state oversight to prevent fraud

State departments need to get the basics down, as Feeding Our Future and front-line worker audits show.

On eye medicine, the 'ayes' nearly had it

One legislator put a stop to legislation expanding optometrists' scope of practice. This is worth revisiting.

A step toward press freedom in schools

A new Minnesota law protects the work of student journalists in grades 6-12, but those at the college level need that, too.

Abortion access: Safer, but not safe

The U.S. Supreme Court rejects a dubious legal challenge to the use of mifepristone. But there will likely be other attempts to restrict access to it and other reproductive health care.

Caitlin Clark belonged on Olympic team

Afraid to shake up the status quo, the selection committee passed up a valuable opportunity for advancing women's sports.