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End the kingmaking in Iowa and N.H.

The two states have enjoyed the influence that comes with first-in-the-nation election status long enough.

Big wins for diversity

The 2023 Minnesota Legislature will better reflect the state's population.

Let there be light on Mpls. streets

Used strategically, lighting can help bolster public safety.

End shaming over school lunches

It's a humiliating, harmful practice that helps no one.

Thanksgiving 2022: Grateful and mindful

We count our blessings and reflect on the responsibilities they bring.

Musk should learn: Twitter's not a game

If that makes him a dull boy, all the better.

Colorado attack should spark action

Americans must not look away from the scourges of hate and an uncontrolled gun culture.

Brief window, high stakes for BWCA

Lame-duck Congress should safeguard northern Minnesota's watery wilderness from copper mining.

Protecting same-sex marriage rights

Legislation is needed for federal recognition in all states.

More work needed to protect elections

The 2022 election in Minnesota marked a return to normal.