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Start work now on ambulance plight

Lawmakers ought to heed a task force's urgent assessment of emergency response system's vital signs. Work should begin this session on solutions.

Action: Time is right for public film board

Nonprofit approach has taken Minnesota state this far, but competition to attract TV and movie projects is intense.

Save, don't spend, state surplus

Additional $3.7 billion likely will be needed to address a projected deficit in the next biennium.

Embrace, don't restrict, use of IVF

This reproductive health care has helped many become parents. Ill-advised legislation supported by three Minnesota U.S. House members could jeopardize access.

Cunningham, the U emerge as winners

Three strong candidates and a transparent process impressed as the University of Minnesota selected a new president.

Gun laws in light of Burnsville's tragedy

Dismissing the need because they didn't stop Shannon Gooden would be the wrong takeaway. A safety net with a stronger mesh is needed.

The damage done by Trump's fraud

Corporate financial dishonesty is not a victimless crime. "The institution of business depends on trust," St. Thomas professor says.

Say no to human bones sold as 'curiosities'

Minnesota Legislature should pass bill that would prohibit use of "calcified" remains for commercial purposes.

See a circle in blue? Time to renew.

The massive effort to redetermine eligibility for medical assistance programs continues. It's vital for enrollees to do their part by returning paperwork. Help is available.

Finding new ways to fight hunger

Second Harvest Heartland has ambitious goals built on an effort to learn more about feeding Minnesotans in need.