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Parental persistence key for COVID booster

The Swenson family of Minneapolis found it surprisingly difficult to locate a COVID booster for 2-year-old Olivia. They did, and their quest offers lessons for other parents.

All hands needed to get students back in school

Attendance has plunged since before the pandemic, which means kids aren't learning.

The end of the world as we may know it

There's hope for us all, but 250 million years from now our species is in big trouble.

Clarity on school resources officers

After negotiations, Ellison opinion, they're starting to return to some districts.

GOP created — and must clean up — shutdown mess

Even Speaker Kevin McCarthy acknowledges the threats from far-right Republican representatives. Programs in Minnesota are at risk.

Watchdog reporting revealed Walz's hiring error

Diligent journalism properly vetted Gov. Tim Walz's pick to lead the Office of Cannabis Management, leading her to step aside. Any next pick should have stronger, unquestionable credentials.

Health task force should tackle a key question: the future of U-Fairview partnership

State's new health care education task force should weigh future of Fairview-University of Minnesota partnership.

Dysfunction rules at Minneapolis City Hall

Public safety is at risk because the City Council can't settle on a new headquarters for Third Precinct police.

Participation needed in cybersecurity plan

Public entities operating in Minnesota should opt in to new state effort intended to protect private data and information.

A real-world cost of spending stalemate

Critical funding for community health centers, which provide primary care to underserved rural and urban locations, is caught up in the congressional standoff that could cause a government shutdown.