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Excelsior man dives into 1880 family murder committed by his great-great-grandmother

"If she did kill him," the St. Peter Times reported, "she simply put out of existence a notorious thief, for doing which she is entitled to the thanks of all mankind."

Letters survive, though author did not, from 1862 U.S.-Dakota War

Four surviving kids from family wound up raising 26 children, and their family tree now includes more than 1,000 descendants.

New book by family historian reveals Minnesota clan's 'messy' history

Unlike many family histories that simply string together events, Daryl Lawrence weaves in a second layer of research to place Effie Schwartz and her mother, Annie Wendell, in the context of their times.

1887 home built by Albert Lea's first doctor has sheltered his family for generations

The house built by Dr. Albert Clark Wedge went on the National Register of Historical Places in 1986.

Lake City's Anna Underwood helped open State Fair gates to women

Fruit orchard manager was active in the women's suffrage movement.

1883 tornado leveled Rochester, but opened the way for St. Marys Hospital and the Mayos

Injuries from the intense twister prompted Franciscan nuns to lobby for a hospital.

Book breathes new life into 1894 Duluth murder mystery

A 7-year-old's ghastly discovery one chilly August morning prompted a long search for the truth.

Hennepin County museum exhibit tells colorful tale of Minneapolis pioneer family

An adventure-loving former sailor and his wife settled far from the sea in Minnesota Territory.

How a Minneapolis businessman and a baseball icon made Minnesota major league

Wheelock Whitney's work with Branch Rickey helped set the stage for major league baseball to expand to Minnesota in 1961.

World wars claimed Minnesota woman's brother and the son she named after him

Mary McGowan "was the real hero," her grandson says.