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St. Paul hospice has helped the dying for 80 years

Our Lady of Peace will commemorate its anniversary with a candle-lighting ceremony Tuesday.

Was Hugo named for a great French writer — or an otherwise forgotten Duluth mayor?

In the research process, a David vs. Goliath clash of Minnesota history buffs emerged — and the underdog won.

A tale of two Minnesota graves that go way, way back

"It is an odd chain of events whereby the War of 1812 would have such a Minnesota connection," Curt Bradford writes.

Remembering fallen Minneapolis firefighter Charlie Birkeli

The father of three was the first Minneapolis firefighter in 17 years killed in the line of duty when he died in 1965.

Minneapolis fighter pilot shattered barriers in WWII

At 97, Harold Haywood Brown is one of just a few surviving Tuskegee Airmen.

Japanese-born vet Edward Yamazaki a rarity at Fort Snelling National Cemetery

Edward Yamazaki owned a north Minneapolis cafe and lived in Linden Hills.

One of Austin's founders was also its first murder victim

Some say George Hormel put Austin, Minn., on the map when he began processing pork along the Cedar River there in 1891.But more than 30…

Finnish white-tailed deer herd started as Minnesota gift

All those Finnish whitetails can trace their roots to that first Minnesota gift in 1934, as well as another six fawns flown over from the Iron Range in 1948.

Vigilante justice descended on dark night in Glencoe, 1896

The lynchings made the front page of the New York Times. But no one came forward to identify the vigilantes or push for their arrests.

Bloomington woman's letters describe amazing WWII trek

A new book, "Love, Della," has 193 of the letters from Della Fahley.