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Grasshoppers swarmed in 1870s, leaving Minnesota farmers destitute

The grasshopper plague devastated the state for four years, gobbling up a half-million acres of wheat, corn, oats and barley.

50 years later, the Virginia Piper kidnapping remains a Minnesota mystery

In some ways, her abduction was a story with a happy ending — but also one that left two nagging questions.

Black baseball pioneer who once played in Stillwater will get Cooperstown honors

Bud Fowler played for more than a dozen minor league teams, ranging from Vermont to the New Mexico Territory.

Polish ancestors' immigration to Minnesota inspired D.C. art show near Russian Embassy

"My family history was always out there, but didn't feel alive" until a cousin in Minneapolis sent a wedding photo of their great-grandparents, said Wayne Brezinka, whose art show runs through May 15

Freed Minnesota prisoner brought home well-baked German souvenir from WWII

His family saved the bread he brought home from Germany —his first meal after being released from his captors — almost 80 years ago.

Photographer's images of 19th-century Minnesota going up for auction

Benjamin Franklin Upton developed thousands of negatives in his custom-equipped, horse-drawn wagon.

Unconventional couple etched and painted their way into Minnesota's art scene

Clara Mairs and Clement Haupers lived and traveled together from the 1920s until her death in 1963.

Minnesota farmer-statesman Frank Billings Kellogg championed peace

Kellogg Boulevard namesake was a renowned trust-busting lawyer, U.S. senator, Nobel Peace Prize winner and World Court judge.

Pacifist volunteers starved themselves for science in Minnesota study during WWII

Conscientious objectors to World War II volunteered for yearlong University of Minnesota study.

Amelia Earhart's helmet that sold for $825,000 spent decades in Minnesota closets

An Edina man's mother got the helmet from a boy who had a crush on her; they were among a crowd greeting the famous aviator in 1929.