Senior Metro Editor | Nights

Review: 'Antiquities,' by Cynthia Ozick

FICTION: An old man tells the story of a remarkable childhood friend in Ozick's new novella.

Review: 'The Prophets,' by Robert Jones Jr.

FICTION: A powerful debut novel about a forbidden union on a cotton plantation.

Review: 'The Sun Collective,' by Charles Baxter

FICTION: The prosaic and the uncanny work together in Charles Baxter's new novel.

Review: 'Memorial,' by Bryan Washington

FICTION: Bryan Washington's debut novel has a lot going for it, but his 2019 story collection is a hard act to follow.

Review: 'Enemy of All Mankind,' by Steven Johnson

NONFICTION: An adventure-filled life that feels plucked from swashbuckling fiction.

Review: 'The Scientist and the Spy,' by Mara Hvistendahl

NONFICTION: It's the FBI vs. the Chinese in Iowa farm fields. What are they seeking? High-quality seeds.

Review: 'Girl,' by Edna O'Brien

FICTION: Kidnapped schoolgirl endures epic hardships in Africa.

Review: 'Year of the Monkey,' by Patti Smith

NONFICTION: Patti Smith's road memoir starts slowly, but sharpens and builds as she goes.

REVIEW: 'Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee,' by Casey Cep

NONFICTION: After decades of silence, novelist Harper Lee set out to write a nonfiction book about a serial killer.

Review: 'Mama's Boy: A Story From Our Americas,' by Dustin Lance Black

NONFICTION: Oscar winner recalls childhood of hardship and abuse and seeks healing.