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Serres writes about issues affecting society's most vulnerable populations, including the poor, elderly, mentally ill and people with cognitive and physical disabilities. He is married and has two children, Dominic, 12, and Emmanuelle, 10. He has been a newspaper reporter for 20 years.

Steps from George Floyd Square, a mental health treatment center will open

The 13-bed treatment center will help people transition back to everyday life after a mental health crisis.

Minn.'s juvenile justice system set to see sweeping changes

The legislation could shift power away from local prosecutors and courts by encouraging the use of restorative justice practices.

'Tough love' out, unconditional support in for Minnesotans struggling with addiction

Amid a torrent of drug overdoses, some families are turning away from a tough-love response.

Minnesota woman with disabilities returns home after legal saga

Cindy Hagen's case had galvanized disability rights advocates.

Minneapolis toddler's death triggers fresh concerns about child protection

The short and chaotic life of Derric Fulks Jr. exposes gaps in Minnesota's system for protecting children.

Sexual assault of senior with dementia caught on camera in Burnsville, underscoring power of video surveillance

Small cameras have grown in popularity as tools for families to detect abuse in senior homes.

Lifeline of medical gear flows from Minneapolis to Ukraine

Nearly $4 million in life-saving medical supplies have been shipped to Ukraine by local volunteers.

Minnesota woman wins legal victory in bid to free herself from guardianship

Cindy Hagen is confident she'll move home in May.

By the numbers: Medical supplies sent from Minnesota to Ukraine

Minnesota volunteers with Stand with Ukraine MN have delivered the following supplies to Ukraine since the start of the war:6,200 tourniquets6,700 hemostatic gauzes5,200 pairs…

New lawsuit accuses Minnesota Sex Offender Program of violating patients' civil rights

State officials blamed lengthy delays in moving offenders to less-secure settings on staffing and space shortages.