Reporter | Social Services

Chris Serres covers social services for the Star Tribune.

Serres writes about issues affecting society's most vulnerable populations, including the poor, elderly, mentally ill and people with cognitive and physical disabilities. He is married and has two children, Dominic, 12, and Emmanuelle, 10. He has been a newspaper reporter for 20 years.

Walz aims to cut red tape, boost welfare benefits for poor families

The measures being considered at the State Capitol are designed to reduce stress and provide some income stability.

Legislative Auditor finds shoddy oversight of grants at DHS

Report issued Monday cites mismanagement, legal violations in grants awarded by Behavioral Health Division from 2017 to 2020.

Despite hurdles, Minnesota DHS chief continues push to clean up agency's financial mess

Auditor report Monday is expected to reveal new oversight failures.

VA outreach puts Minnesota veterans on vaccine fast track

Nearly 40% of the patient population of the Minneapolis and St. Cloud VA health systems has received a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine — a rate that has far outpaced the rest of the state.

Rick Cardenas: Tireless champion for Minnesotans with disabilities

Rick Cardenas, a towering figure in Minnesota's disability rights community, whose decades of relentless advocacy helped redefine how many Minnesotans think of people with disabilities,…

Minnesota extends lifeline to foster youth hit by pandemic

Gov. Tim Walz's administration earlier this month imposed a moratorium on youth being discharged from foster care through September, while allowing those who aged out during the pandemic to return to care.

Minnesota agencies launch efforts to vaccinate homebound seniors

Home care nurses are going door-to-door to deliver vaccines to homebound seniors.

'We saved lives': How isolating Minnesota's homeless kept them safe from COVID-19

Statewide effort to house homeless likely saved lives and also brought stability.

Minnesota rolls back restrictions on senior home visits as COVID-19 cases decline

Many homes had placed strict limits on visitation nearly a year ago as the virus spread across the state.

Minnesota senior homes slow to lift lockdowns on family visits

New federal guidelines are likely to increase pressure on senior homes to reopen.