Reporter | Social Services

Chris Serres covers social services for the Star Tribune.

Serres writes about issues affecting society's most vulnerable populations, including the poor, elderly, mentally ill and people with cognitive and physical disabilities. He is married and has two children, Dominic, 12, and Emmanuelle, 10. He has been a newspaper reporter for 20 years.

COVID-19 vaccines bring joy back to Minn. senior homes

A dramatic plunge in new coronavirus cases, combined with an aggressive rollout of vaccines, has injected new life into senior communities.

Case challenging constitutionality of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program can move forward

A federal court in St. Paul will review whether the program is "unconstitutionally punitive."

'Like the Hunger Games': Minn. vaccine hunters chase doses via social media

"Vaccine chasers" pool their intel on Facebook, with tips on where to get the shots on short notice

COVID-19 cases plunge at Minnesota senior homes as vaccinations ramp up

State health officials say there are promising signs the COVID-19 vaccine is reducing infections.

Minnesota bill would shield health care providers from COVID-related lawsuits

The bill already has aroused strong passions and sets the stage for a showdown this legislative session.

Sex offenders at Moose Lake end 14-day hunger strike after reaching deal with state officials

DHS officials promised to meet with the sex offenders and explore changes to the state program.

People with disabilities push for inclusion in Minn. vaccine plan

Advocates say Minnesota's vaccine plan discriminates against vulnerable populations who live on their own: "We feel forgotten."

Minn. man on a mission to keep Native burial customs alive

The burial customs and ceremonies that many Indigenous communities have cherished for generations are under pressure from an unforeseen enemy — COVID-19.

Sex offenders at Moose Lake launch hunger strike

The hunger strike is an escalation of a weekslong protest over long confinements.

Sex offenders at Moose Lake protest after rash of COVID deaths

A large outbreak of the virus has fueled long-simmering tensions over civil liberties at the state program.