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Chris Farrell is economics editor for American Public Media's weekly "Marketplace Money" show and author of "The New Frugality." He answers reader questions on most Sundays. Send questions to and put "Your Money" in the subject line.

Farrell: Rethinking work is fine as long as you consider the financial effects

Quiet quitters is the latest buzzword for people who are considering all their options.

Farrell: Build a retirement with several purposes

Retiring from a full-time job leaves a person with 2,500 hours to fill in a year.

Farrell: What to do with savings after your student debt is reduced

Lottery winners tend to save their windfall. So should the beneficiaries of student debt relief.

Farrell: With investment fees, small differences add up over time

It's one of the simplest ways for investors to boost returns.

Farrell: Rising costs of natural disasters hit retirees harder

The extra costs and added health and safety risks should be factored into retirement planning.

Farrell: To cope with inflation, go back to basics and learn to budget

A budget lets you seize control over financial chaos.

Farrell: Crypto offers broader lesson to weigh investments that seem 'too good to be true'

Market bubbles are fascinating stories. Cryptocurrencies are the most recent speculative frenzy to go spectacularly bust, with Crypto Winter joining a legendary history that includes…

Turn garages into cottages, and other steps to fix Twin Cities' broken housing market

Chris Farrell says efforts to end the distorted Twin Cities housing market should account for the region's aging population.

Chris Farrell: Frugal people are always interesting, especially in a time like now

A frugal mindset calls for a greater focus on quality, not quantity.

Chris Farrell: Three risks that stand out in retirement planning

Too much debt, not enough income and a home that costs too much can be trouble for retirees.