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Chris Farrell is economics editor for American Public Media's weekly "Marketplace Money" show and author of "The New Frugality." He answers reader questions on most Sundays. Send questions to and put "Your Money" in the subject line.

How to find a financial adviser for a one-time planning session

Before starting your search, you will want to be clear about what you expect.

'Dow 36,000' is still wrong. It pays to recall why.

The Dow Jones industrial average is hovering near 30,000, some 20% away from a number that may resonate with readers who recall the era…

Some tips for older workers to weather hard times

The association of old age with decline has a long history. To work or do anything demanding during the traditional retirement years is often considered…

Planning a move later in life? Find a neighborhood that bridges generations

Sometime in the early 1970s while caddying for my older brother and father we were joined by two 60-something businessmen. My brother was a college-educated…

Fretting about investments around election time isn't worth the pain

The election on Tuesday is one of the most momentous in the nation’s history — and investors are understandably nervous about what might be the…

How to offset low interest rates in retirement? Plan on some sort of work

How comfortable are you relying on stocks for steady, reliable income in retirement?

How older workers can prepare for job loss

There are no easy answers when it comes to the job market, especially during a pandemic.

I-bonds are wise option for middle class savers

What is America's least-known, least-appreciated, high-quality investment for the typical saver and family? I-bonds. Heard of them?I-bonds are U.S. Savings Bonds designed to protect savings…

Long-term care is a topic we should all be talking about

The uncertain prospect about needing long-term care weighs on older Americans.

Need is great, so it's more important than ever to give what you can

Difficult times call on everyone to make sure they are thoughtful in their giving throughout the year.