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Charges filed Friday say a dispute among several people after closing time outside a downtown Duluth bar ended with a man fatally stabbing a woman in the neck.

Darrius L. Plummer, 34, of Canton, Mich., was charged in St. Louis County District Court with second-degree unintentional murder in connection with the stabbing about 2:15 a.m. on April 12 that killed 25-year-old Chantel Moose of Duluth.

Plummer has not yet been arrested, and a nationwide warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Two other men, both 26, were charged Friday with second-degree assault stemming from the conflict outside Spurs on First in the 100 block of W. 1st Street: Trayvon J. Walters and Kimonte T. Cadge, both of Duluth.

According to the charges:

Moose was outside the bar talking to a man. Plummer, who is friends with Moose's former boyfriend, told the man talking to Moose that she "was not worth the trouble," the charges read.

Moose and her friends responded by arguing with Plummer, who had a knife behind his back that was described as higher quality hunting or military knife with a 4- to 6-inch blade. A bouncer stepped in and told Plummer to put the knife away.

At one point, Moose "who is of a significantly smaller stature" than Plummer, took a swing at him and missed. Plummer reached over the bouncer's neck and swung the knife toward her neck.

Moose walked away but collapsed within about 15 seconds, prompting the bouncer to say, "You [expletive] stabbed her," the charges quoted him as saying. Plummer saw Moose on the ground and ran.

Cadge chased Plummer and pistol-whipped him. Plummer fell, then Cadge got one shot off at Plummer. Surveillance video captured Walters shoot at least twice toward Cadge and Plummer.

Officers arrived within a few minutes and saw Moose on the sidewalk. Emergency responders took her to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead from a stab wound to her neck.

Plummer remained at large as of midday Friday. Walters is believed to have left Minnesota. Cadge was treated at a hospital for a gunshot wound and has a warrant out for his arrest.