Copy Editor, Homepage Editor, Page Designer | Newsroom

Catherine Preus has spent over 20 years on the night production desk and has also written for the Travel section, managed the homepage and kept the Star Tribune stylebook updated.  

Preus bikes to work all year long from south Minneapolis, where she lives with her family. She plays piano with a classical quintet and owns a quarter horse called Skipper. In summer, Preus spends a lot of time by a lake in Wisconsin. In winter, she plays broomball with a Minneapolis rec league.

Structures at the Minnesota State Fair built to last, but also to change

If these walls could talk, you'd hear a lot of interesting stories, of course, but the State Fair's historic structures continue to shelter young leaders, echo with the favorite songs of every era, and showcase regular Minnesotans doing their best work.

Group aims to help Minnesota spouses worn out by caregiving

A national nonprofit provides a place for spousal caregivers to connect.

What the 12 candidates said about key issues in last night's debate

With a dozen participants, the debate was the largest in modern history.

Crowds are huge part of the State Fair. See how they've grown over the years.

The state's largest gathering got rolling just after we became a state and has changed with the times. In 2019, will fair magic again conspire to haul in the population of several Minnesota cities each day?

Lily the therapy pony retires to the Stall of Fame

After 12 years of working with kids with disabilities, Lily, now 20, has retired at Hold Your Horses, a nonprofit in the west metro area dedicated to equine-assisted therapy.

Weston Noble, giant of American choral music, dies at 94

Do we live in the tropics? This was an unusually wet summer

The Twin Cities got twice as much rain as usual in August, but southern Minnesota was the hardest hit by precipitation this year.

For one month, Minneapolis pianos drew out our thirst for making music

An amateur pianist was determined to play all 25 of the downtown Pianos on Parade, and she was delighted by her encounters.

The longest day and the strawberry moon get together today

It's the first time in nearly 70 years that the two astronomical events happen on the same day.