T.R. Michels

T.R. Michels is a professional guide who specializes in trophy whitetail, turkey and bear hunts in Minnesota. He has guided in the Rocky Mountains for elk and mule deer, too. He publishes the Trinity Mountain Outdoors website at www.TRMichels.com.

New Writing Assignments

New writing assignments, field trips and photo tours.

January Deer Management

Deer Management

Post Season Deer Scouting

Scouting for Deer After the Season

Predicting Peak Rut Activity & Days to Hunt Deer

Peak Whitetail Rut Dates, Moon Phase andother Lunar Factors & how they affect deer

Returning Birds???

Do birds return to the same are to nest every year?

Responsible Deer Management; May

Deer Management; Health Issues

Day Late & a Dollar Short


Animal Home Ranges & territores: What to Expect and What to do

Discussion of animal home ranges, territories and how to unt them.

What's Happening & New Nature Hike

Birding , Nature

Animal Home Ranges and Territories

An Explantion of Animal Home Ranges

What 's Been Happening

What has happened that TR has been gone

Flocks of Large Migrating Birds in Minnesota

Flocks of Large Migrating Birds

Identifying Geese, Conservation Issues, Turkey Hunting

Identifying Geese, Conservation Issues, Trkey Hunting

Family Update and Nature Tours


2012 Early March Goodhue Cty Birding


Response to a Hunter - About Bear Research, Conservation & Hunting

Responses to a hunter on accusations about bear research, and conservation and hunting.

Protection for the Bears? Or Protection for the Research?

Discussion on whether protection of the bears is more important than protection of the research.

Petition for "Protection for Minnesota's Research Bears"

Petition to Protect Minnesota's Research bearsfrom huntersor getting killed by hunters in memorial for Hope the little bear everyone loved

How HOPE got Named

How Hope the Black Bear Got Named

Answers to Facebook Wildlife Questions

T.R.Michels answers questions from people on Facebook, about why some things are occuring in respect to the wildlife of Minnesota