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Winter, what little there was, is pretty much over (insert caveats and disclaimers here, Paul). We may still see a few tournament slush-storms in March. Recent Aprils have been wild and snowy, but that was during La Niña cool phases. I'm keeping the winter tires on and driveway stakes in for a few more weeks.

A Kansas winter? More like an Oklahoma Panhandle winter. And for the first time since modern-day records were started in 1871, MSP experienced 50-degree highs in December, January and February. Skeeter, tick and allergy season may come early this year.

Until further notice the new definition of "cold front" is 30s (above zero). I see mostly 40s into the first week of March with a few days in the 50s. The more snow we melt the warmer daytime highs will be, with a sun angle now identical to Oct. 22. Next Monday's 50s and showers (clap of thunder?) may end as a little slush, but it won't last. As far as the atmosphere is concerned it's already mid- or late March. Weirdest. Winter. Ever.