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When was the last time the Twin Cities had below-average temperatures for any single month? Good question!

Looking back through the archives, MSP Airport has not had below-average temperatures for any single month since April 2023. Since then, the metro experienced its warmest September, December and February on record. Don't forget, we also had our warmest winter on record as well. Good grief!

According to NOAA, temperatures this summer look hotter than normal. No surprise. Our average summer sees nearly 13 days in the 90s or warmer. Last summer we had 25 days in the 90s or warmer. I suspect we'll have a similar summer this year, but hopefully with more rain!

Speaking of rain, after Wednesday, the extended forecast looks fairly wet. We'll get a couple of shots of soaking rains on Friday and Sunday with, you guessed, more gusty winds. The extended weather models suggest an additional inch or two of rain possible by Monday. Hoping to see improvement in drought conditions across northern Minnesota in the next two weeks!